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Inter Milan's Innovative Foray into Milan Design Week 2024: Blending Football and Design.

Roger Hampel

Inter Milan Design
Inter Milan Design

As Milan gears up for its most anticipated cultural event, Milan Design Week, iconic football club Inter Milan is setting the stage to showcase its unique blend of sports and style. With its project 'I M Design', Inter is poised to turn heads at the Fuorisalone, confirming its role as a major player both on and off the pitch.

Expanding Collaborations with Premier Design Brands

This year, Inter Milan has expanded its collaborations with renowned design and lifestyle brands, each partnership echoing the club’s commitment to innovation and excellence. One of the highlights is the renewed partnership with Kartell, a leading Milanese design company known for its innovative use of plastic materials. The collaboration has produced a unique black-and-blue version of the iconic Bourgie lamp, a symbol of tradition meshed with modern technology. This limited-edition piece reflects the shared values of heritage and forward-thinking between the two brands.

Exclusive Product Launches and Events

Inter’s collaboration with lifestyle powerhouse Highsnobiety has culminated in an exciting capsule collection of living room accessories inspired by the football stadium experience. This includes a made-in-Italy cushion and jacquard blanket, launching during the multimedia festival Not In Milan, which celebrates community and design. The collection will be available online and at a pop-up store, demonstrating Inter's savvy in engaging with the digital and physical retail spaces.

Furthermore, in partnership with Unopiù, a distinguished Italian outdoor furniture brand, Inter will unveil a special edition 'Ginger' director's chair at Unopiù’s flagship store in the Brera district. This collector’s item incorporates the Inter Milan colors while maintaining a classic aesthetic, making it a must-have for fans and design enthusiasts alike.

A Cultural Accelerator in Milan

The 'I M Design' initiative not only showcases Inter Milan’s design-centric collaborations but also emphasizes the club's role as a cultural accelerator in Milan. By participating actively in the Milan Design Week, Inter Milan transcends the realm of sports, engaging with the creative community and showcasing a commitment to cultural and design excellence. This engagement positions Inter as a dynamic brand at the intersection of football, lifestyle, and design.

Inter Milan's Strategic Vision

According to Alessandro Antonello, CEO of FC Internazionale Milano, the club's involvement in Milan Design Week is a proud affirmation of its innovative spirit and international appeal. “We are always proud to play an active part in our city's most iconic moments. During these few days, Milan becomes the world capital of creativity, beauty, and good living,” Antonello remarks. The 'I M Design' project not only reaffirms Inter’s growth and attractiveness but also its strategic path towards greater internationalization.


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