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Inter Miami CF Teams Up with TUDOR.

Roger Hampel

Inter Miami TUDOR
Inter Miami TUDOR

Inter Miami CF has officially partnered with TUDOR, becoming the latest addition to the luxury watchmaker's prestigious portfolio of partnerships. This collaboration heralds a new chapter for both entities, with TUDOR stepping in as the Official Timekeeper for Inter Miami CF, a club that has rapidly ascended to global prominence in just five seasons.

A Partnership Forged in Daring Spirit

The alliance between TUDOR and Inter Miami CF is underpinned by a shared ethos of daring to dream and the pursuit of excellence. TUDOR, with its "Born To Dare" philosophy, finds a perfect match in Inter Miami CF, a club co-owned by David Beckham, Jorge Mas, and Jose Mas, whose audacious vision has established a unique football club grounded in the freedom to dream. This partnership not only aligns with TUDOR’s commitment to supporting those who dare to push boundaries but also celebrates the club's rapid rise in the world of sports.

Pink: The Daring Color of Inter Miami CF

Inter Miami CF's choice of pink as its iconic color embodies South Florida's vibrant essence and the daring spirit of the club and its fans. This bold color choice is a testament to the club's unique identity and aligns with TUDOR’s own pioneering spirit, encapsulated in its "Born To Dare" signature. The collaboration brings together two entities that stand out in their respective fields, united by a commitment to daring, excellence, and distinction.

TUDOR: A Legacy of Timekeeping Excellence

As the Official Timekeeper of Inter Miami CF, TUDOR’s presence will be prominently featured around the club’s Chase Stadium, symbolizing a partnership that transcends mere sponsorship. This collaboration is further enriched by TUDOR’s longstanding relationship with David Beckham, who has sported a TUDOR Pelagos model adorned with the Inter Miami CF crest since the club's inception. This detail underscores TUDOR's integral role in the club's journey, making the partnership not just official, but deeply rooted in shared history and values.

Beyond Timekeeping: A Shared Journey of Adventure and Achievement

The "Born To Dare" spirit is not just a motto but a reflection of TUDOR’s and Inter Miami CF's journeys, filled with adventure, challenges, and extraordinary achievements. TUDOR’s commitment to durability, pioneering watchmaking, and support for individuals and teams who embody daringness is mirrored in Inter Miami CF’s approach to football and community engagement. Together, they are set to inspire fans and enthusiasts worldwide through a partnership that celebrates daring to be different.

A Global Celebration of Daring Spirits

With TUDOR’s history of supporting daring endeavors and its roster of global ambassadors and partnerships, adding Inter Miami CF to this illustrious list represents a significant moment in sports and watchmaking industries. This partnership not only marks a milestone for Inter Miami CF in its journey of growth and success but also showcases TUDOR's commitment to excellence and adventure in all forms.


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