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Inter Miami CF and VISA Forge Global Partnership to Enhance Fan Experiences Across Continents.

Updated: May 3

Roger Hampel

Inter Miami CF VISA
Inter Miami CF VISA

• Global Reach Alignment: Visa, operating in over 200 countries, partners with Inter Miami CF, a club with a global presence and international star roster.

• Targeted Markets: The partnership focuses on enhancing visibility in key international markets including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and several European countries.

• Cultural Connection: Xavier Asensi, Chief Business Officer of Inter Miami CF, highlights the strategic alignment with Visa’s global reach and the club's international fanbase.

• Passion Amplification: Luciana Resende Lotze, Head of Marketing for Visa Latin America, emphasizes football’s role in uniting cultures and communities, aiming to amplify this connection.

Visa, the global leader in payment technology, has announced a groundbreaking international partnership with Major League Soccer's Inter Miami CF, marking a significant expansion of Visa's commitment to the world of football. This collaboration establishes Visa as the first-ever Official International Payment Services Partner for the club, heralding a new era of cross-continental brand activation and fan engagement.

A Strategic Alliance in Global Sports Inter Miami CF VISA

Inter Miami CF, a club known for its ambitious global presence and roster of international stars, finds a perfect partner in Visa, which operates in over 200 countries and territories. This partnership aligns with Visa's strategy to enhance its visibility and consumer engagement in key international markets including Latin America, North America, Europe, and beyond. Countries specifically targeted for activation include Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, among others.

Enhancing the International Fan Experience

The collaboration between Visa and Inter Miami CF is designed to leverage the global appeal of football to create unique, culturally resonant experiences for fans worldwide. Xavier Asensi, Chief Business Officer of Inter Miami CF, emphasized the strategic fit between the club's international fanbase and Visa’s global reach, noting that this partnership is not only a milestone for the club but for Major League Soccer at large.

Luciana Resende Lotze, Head of Marketing for Visa Latin America and the Caribbean, highlighted the emotional connection fans have with football, stating, "Fútbol is more than a game; it's a passion that unites communities and cultures." Visa plans to amplify this passion by offering new ways for fans to engage with the sport and the club, thereby enhancing the fan experience globally.

Exclusive Experiences and Benefits for Fans

Visa will offer Inter Miami CF fans and Visa cardholders a variety of exclusive benefits and experiences, setting a new standard for fan engagement in sports partnerships:

• Practice Experience: Fans can attend regular season training sessions, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the team's preparation and tactics.

• Pre-Match Warmup Experience: A chance to witness the team's pre-match warmup from the pitch, offering fans a thrilling glimpse of the buildup to the game.

• Post-Match Photo Opportunities: After select matches, fans will have the opportunity for a photo on the pitch, creating memorable moments.

• Stadium and Training Center Tours: Fans can explore Inter Miami CF’s iconic venues, including Chase Stadium and the Florida Blue Training Center, gaining insights into the club's rich history and operations.

• Exclusive Merchandise: Special edition autographed jerseys and soccer balls will be available, providing fans with cherished memorabilia from their favorite players.

Future Plans and Promotions

Visa and Inter Miami CF are set to unveil a series of promotions, initiatives, and activities designed to engage with fans across the globe. These efforts will not only promote the Visa brand and Inter Miami CF but also aim to foster a deeper connection with the sport’s global fanbase, reinforcing the unifying power of football.

This partnership marks a significant step forward in the sports marketing world, showcasing how strategic alliances can enhance brand visibility and fan engagement across different continents and cultures. As this collaboration unfolds, it promises to bring exciting new opportunities for fans to connect with the game and experience football in unprecedented ways.


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