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Innovative QR Code Enhances New FC Bayern Jersey: A Groundbreaking Marketing Strategy.

Roger Hampel

FC Bayern QR
FC Bayern QR

In a bold step forward, FC Bayern's new 2024/25 home jersey stands out not only for its design but also for its innovative integration of a QR code campaign. For the first time in German football history, a team has combined a company logo with a QR code on its jersey sleeve, providing fans with unprecedented engagement opportunities. This pioneering partnership with Allianz underscores how traditional sponsorships can evolve into immersive, tech-driven fan experiences.

The Revolutionary QR Code Badge FC Bayern QR

The Allianz badge on the men's jersey sleeve is a distinctive feature of the new kit. This badge is more than just a logo; it’s a blend of FC Bayern's trusted partner’s symbol and a QR code that leads fans to exclusive promotions. By scanning the Allianz QR code, supporters unlock special giveaways, competitions, and interactive fan activities, deepening their connection to the club.

A Marketing Strategy Like No Other

In a groundbreaking marketing approach, every 100th fan who registers via the QR code on the website stands a chance to receive a refund for their jersey purchase. This offer is valid until May 12, 2024, for all jerseys purchased directly from the FC Bayern Online Store or physical FC Bayern stores. By launching this unique QR code campaign, Allianz seeks to engage a younger, digitally savvy audience within FC Bayern’s global fan base, transforming the simple act of wearing a jersey into an engaging, value-driven experience.

A Jersey Reflecting FC Bayern's Heartbeat

The new home jersey itself embodies FC Bayern's spirit and legacy. Created in partnership with Adidas, the kit is designed with three shades of red representing identity, emotion, and drama. This dynamic, vertical-striped pattern nods to the club’s traditional Bavarian diamonds while evoking the electrifying atmosphere at the Allianz Arena.

A Tribute to Success and Tradition

This new jersey reflects the unity between players and fans while paying homage to the club’s rich history. The distinctive design marks FC Bayern’s unrivaled treble-winning record in the Bundesliga, DFB Cup, and Champions League. The club's motto "Mia san Mia" on the outer neck emphasizes the deep connection with its fan base.


By integrating a QR code campaign directly into their iconic home jersey, FC Bayern and Allianz are redefining how clubs and sponsors can interact with fans. This innovative marketing strategy combines heritage with cutting-edge technology, engaging supporters in new and meaningful ways. As the football world looks to the future, this partnership sets a new benchmark for fan engagement and digital interactivity in sports marketing.

Source: FC Bayern


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