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Footovision and SL Benfica Announce Three-Year Partnership to Revolutionize Football Analytics.

Updated: Jul 3

Roger Hampel

Footovision SL Benfica
Footovision SL Benfica

Footovision, a data provider in the sports analytics industry, and SL Benfica, one of Europe's top football clubs, have announced an innovative three-year partnership aimed at enhancing the club's performance through advanced data analytics. This collaboration promises to integrate cutting-edge technology into football analytics, providing SL Benfica with comprehensive event and tracking data, and access to Footovision’s robust analysis platform, Coachvision.

Transforming Data into Performance

Mehdi Ennaciri, CEO of Footovision, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the value of comprehensive data coverage for Primeira Liga teams. "With our full coverage of Primeira Liga, SL Benfica gains valuable insights into other teams, including advanced metrics. This capability not only deepens their performance analysis but also equips Benfica with complete data to scout new recruits from other teams in the league," Ennaciri stated.

This partnership aims to equip SL Benfica with sophisticated analytical tools and data to enhance their strategic planning, in-game tactics, and player development. Footovision’s analytics will enable the club to gain a competitive edge by providing deeper insights into their opponents and potential recruits.

Strategic Objectives and Insights

Nuno Maurício, Head of Performance Analysis Department (DAO) of SL Benfica, highlighted the strategic importance of this collaboration: "In an age of outstanding developments in the world of high-performance sports, it’s with great excitement that we can now rely on the data and reports provided by Footovision. The great quality of the data provided to Performance Analysts, Sport Data Scientists, and the Coaching Staff aligns with the Analysis Model and Holistic intervention of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, allowing us to further develop and enhance our Individual and Team Performance with the constant goal of achieving Excellence!"

By integrating Footovision’s advanced analytics, SL Benfica aims to further solidify its position as a dominant force in national and European football. This partnership underscores the growing importance of data analysis and technology in modern sports.

Elevating SL Benfica’s Performance

Mehdi Ennaciri further remarked, "We at Footovision are delighted to embark on this three-year partnership with SL Benfica. This collaboration will empower the historic Portuguese club to utilize event and tracking data, enabling them to deepen their analysis of their own team and opponents across multiple competitions. We believe that our advanced technology will contribute to SL Benfica's continued success and excellence in the world of football."

The collaboration is poised to set a new standard for the integration of data analytics in football. Footovision’s comprehensive data solutions will allow SL Benfica to make informed decisions, optimize player performance, and maintain their competitive advantage.

Looking to the Future

As the football industry continues to evolve, this partnership between Footovision and SL Benfica represents a significant milestone in the application of data analytics and technology in sports. By leveraging detailed data and advanced analytics, SL Benfica is positioned to achieve new heights in performance and strategic planning.


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