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1. FC Union Berlin and Adidas have extended their partnership until 2030.

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Roger Hampel

FC Union Berlin and Adidas have extended their partnership that began in the 2019/20 season with a shoe collaboration and progressed to the entire playing and training gear for all of Union's teams by the summer of 2020.

The new contract, signed by Union President Dirk Zingler and adidas CEO Bjørn Gulden at the Franconian sportswear giant's headquarters in Herzogenaurach, will run until 2030.

Bjørn Gulden, CEO of adidas, expressed his admiration for Union Berlin's impressive growth, likability, and success. He further added that they look forward to continuing their partnership and ensuring that football enthusiasm in Berlin and beyond remains strong.

Dirk Zingler, president of 1. FC Union Berlin, acknowledged adidas as a reliable partner they have worked with for many years. The long-term extension of their partnership strengthens the club, and they take pride in this collaboration, eagerly anticipating the forthcoming years together.


The club has a strong reputation for being community-driven and is known for its passionate and loyal fan base. Adidas is a global leader in the sportswear industry, and has a long history of partnering with some of the biggest names in football.

The partnership between Adidas and Union Berlin is seen as a good fit due to the shared values of both parties. Adidas has been impressed by the club's commitment to its fans and community, as well as its focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. Union Berlin, for its part, has welcomed the support and resources that Adidas has provided, enabling the club to continue to grow and develop both on and off the pitch.

The partnership between Adidas and Union Berlin is noteworthy because it highlights the importance of preserving club identities. Adidas' collaboration with the club is a testament to its commitment to recognizing and respecting the unique history and heritage of the teams it works with. An excellent example of this is the club's new away kit for the 2022/23 season, which features a brown and beige color scheme inspired by the factories in Berlin-Oberschoeneweide, where Union Berlin originated. By incorporating this historical element into the design of the kit, Adidas has helped Union Berlin to maintain its sense of identity and connectedness to its roots.

The 2022/2023 Away-Kit


Additionally, the away kit from the 2021/2022 season paid tribute to the forests around the An Der Alten Foersterei Stadium, which symbolizes the club's association with nature and its forest identity. This is another example of how Adidas is dedicated to recognizing and preserving the unique traits that make each club special. Overall, the collaboration between Adidas and Union Berlin is a demonstration of how brands can work together with sports teams to create meaningful connections with fans and foster a sense of community.

The 2021/2022 Away-Kit

An Der Alten Foersterei Stadium


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