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FC Schalke 04 Improves Economic Indicators.

Roger Hampel

FC Schalke 04
FC Schalke 04

FC Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 e.V. announced a significant improvement in its economic indicators for the year 2023. Moving from a phase of economic uncertainty to a position of strength, Schalke 04 has successfully turned the tide, reporting an increase in revenue from €157.0 million to €168.3 million over the past year. This positive shift is a clear indicator of the club's robust economic health and its effective management strategies.

One of the most notable achievements for Schalke 04 in 2023 was its ability to post a positive annual result of €6.9 million, a stark contrast to the loss of €19.4 million in 2022. This accomplishment marks the club's first return to profitability since 2018, showcasing a significant turnaround in its financial fortunes. Furthermore, Schalke 04 has effectively reduced its negative equity from €109.8 million to €103.3 million and lowered its net financial liabilities from €139.9 million to €128.5 million.

The club attributes this positive development to several key factors, including increased revenue from matchday operations and major events held at the VELTINS-Arena without any COVID-19 related restrictions. Additionally, the areas of catering, hospitality, and merchandising have also seen a rise in revenue. However, the club also acknowledges the challenges posed by rising costs due to high inflation rates.

Christina Rühl-Hamers, Board Member responsible for finance, expressed satisfaction with the club's ability to achieve its economic objectives under challenging conditions. "The club has managed to improve crucial economic parameters, sending a clear signal of stability to our fans, members, and financial partners," Rühl-Hamers stated.

Looking ahead, Schalke 04 is focused on maintaining sporting success and continuing its path towards sustainable economic recovery. The club has already set the parameters for the 2024/2025 licensing player budget, ensuring that it remains competitive in the transfer market while adhering to financial discipline.

Despite these positive developments, Schalke 04 faces ongoing economic challenges, particularly in reducing financial liabilities. The club is committed to further reducing these liabilities to allow for more significant investment in its core business of football. Moreover, the club aims to continue improving its equity position to avoid any deductions according to DFL statutes by posting a profit in the coming year.

Rühl-Hamers emphasizes the importance of considering the financial implications of all decisions, whether related to new player acquisitions or other investments in the sport.

The club's financial strategy is designed to support its sporting ambitions while ensuring compliance with financial regulations. The immediate goal for Schalke 04 is to secure its place in the league, with the board expressing confidence in achieving this objective. The club has also prepared for various scenarios, including the possibility of playing in the third division, ensuring it meets the licensing requirements under any circumstances.

Source: FC Schalke 04


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