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FC Schalke 04 Embarks on a Transformative Partnership with SPORTFIVE.

Roger Hampel

Schalke Sportfive
Schalke Sportfive


FC Schalke 04 has announced a long-term partnership with SPORTFIVE, a leading global marketing agency. This collaboration, spanning five years, is meticulously crafted to align with the unique needs of S04, marking a pivotal moment in the club's marketing strategy.

This strategic alliance entrusts SPORTFIVE with the task of augmenting the club's sales operations. Notably, FC Schalke 04 retains full marketing rights and decision-making authority on commercial matters, continuing its direct engagement with sponsors. The club maintains its independence in managing partnerships, offering comprehensive support to sponsors and hospitality partners, and executing rights. SPORTFIVE's role will primarily focus on enhancing the club's sales initiatives, deploying a specialized team dedicated to representing FC Schalke 04's interests.

Under the stewardship of Matthias Tillmann, Chairman of the Management Board, this partnership is a cornerstone in the club's strategic overhaul of its sales division. Leveraging SPORTFIVE's extensive network—boasting over 600 professionals across 25 locations in Germany—and its profound market insights, the collaboration is poised to inject a dynamic energy into the club's operations. This synergy is anticipated to foster short-term stability and yield positive sales outcomes in the medium term.

A key element of this partnership is the mutual commitment to digital innovation and the cultivation of novel sales avenues. "Our sales power will be more than tripled in one fell swoop," asserts Matthias Tillmann. He emphasizes the immediate benefits of this collaboration, particularly in securing new deals amidst challenging market conditions for football clubs. This strategy not only enhances the club's financial planning security but also opens doors to explore avant-garde sponsorship opportunities, especially in digitalizing the hospitality sector and leveraging the potential of the Knappenschmiede.

Hendrik Schiphorst, Managing Director of SPORTFIVE Germany, expresses gratitude towards FC Schalke 04 for their confidence in SPORTFIVE. He highlights the club's global stature, its rich culture, and the shared vision of elevating the sales organization to unprecedented heights. This partnership is a great example of SPORTFIVE's commitment to bringing its marketing and digitalization acumen to the fore, ensuring that FC Schalke 04's sponsorship and hospitality ventures reach new levels of success.



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