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FC Bayern and MAN Truck & Bus Extend Partnership Through 2027.

Roger Hampel

FC Bayern MAN
FC Bayern MAN

FC Bayern Munich and MAN Truck & Bus have renewed their long-standing partnership, extending their collaboration for an additional three years until 2027. This partnership, which has been active since 2008, marks the longest relationship MAN has maintained with any football club.

The agreement also includes the continued support for the FC Bayern Women’s team, a collaboration that began in 2022.

Michael Diederich, Deputy Chairman of FC Bayern, highlighted the reliability that the partnership with MAN represents due to its longevity. "It is significant for us that the partnership also encompasses the FC Bayern Women. Together, we aim to continue our journey on the road to success. MAN is an ideal pioneer and companion on this path," Diederich stated.

Andreas Jung, Marketing Director at FC Bayern, expressed enthusiasm about continuing the journey with MAN. "FC Bayern is characterized by continuity, and partnerships like these demonstrate the importance of finding common paths and covering distances together. This is what binds us and marks strong relationships," Jung elaborated.

Alexander Vlaskamp, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus, commented on the synergy between the two entities. "FC Bayern is a brand with international appeal, yet deeply rooted in the region, much like MAN. We look forward to continuing this long-term partnership, where we will increasingly focus on sustainability and future technologies in the commercial vehicle sector in our joint activities," Vlaskamp explained.

For over 15 years, MAN has provided the official team bus for the FC Bayern men’s team. In addition, various club teams utilize smaller vehicles, which have been increasingly customized over the years to meet the specific needs of each department. This ongoing customization reflects the depth of the partnership and MAN’s commitment to supporting the diverse logistical needs of FC Bayern.

As FC Bayern and MAN Truck & Bus stride forward, their extended partnership stands as an example to the power of enduring corporate relationships in sports, emphasizing not just commercial benefits but also a shared commitment to sustainability and technological advancement.


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