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El Clasico in Saudi Arabia: Our Insights from the Spanish Super Cup Press Conference.

Roger Hampel

Saudi Arabia Spanish Super Cup
Saudi Arabia Spanish Super Cup

The Spanish Super Cup final, featuring the iconic El Clasico showdown between Real Madrid C.F. and FC Barcelona, is set against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving football landscape in Saudi Arabia. Insights from the pre-match press conference shed light on this transformation and the growing significance of the Kingdom in the world of football.

Xavi and Ancelotti Acknowledge Saudi Arabia's Support and Passion

💬 FC Barcelona's head coach, Xavi, expressed immense gratitude and optimism during the press conference. "We are here in Saudi Arabia and all the time everybody respects us, and everybody supports us. We are very happy to be here, and I think Saudi football is going to improve a lot in the next years because they have everything in order to have the best players in the world," he said. This statement not only reflects the hospitable environment provided by the host nation but also underscores the potential growth of Saudi football in the coming years.

💬 Carlo Ancelotti, the experienced manager of Real Madrid C.F., also shared his positive impressions. "Saudi Arabia is a football-loving country and we have thoroughly enjoyed it here. The atmosphere from the fans will be important. The El Clasico match is important, and the whole world is watching it. There are nerves, but we are excited about the match, and there will be a great physical effort from the players," Ancelotti noted. His remarks highlight the enthusiastic reception and the unique atmosphere that Saudi Arabia offers, emphasizing the country's deep love for football.

Saudi Arabia and Global Football

Hosting the Spanish Super Cup, particularly the famed El Clasico, is a strategic move by Saudi Arabia to cement its position in the global football narrative. The collaboration with LaLiga, the Ministry of Sport – وزارة الرياضة, and the Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) reflects the Kingdom's commitment to enhancing its sports infrastructure and attracting top-tier football talent and events.

By bringing world-class football to its doorstep, the Kingdom is fostering a new generation of football enthusiasts and potential talent. Moreover, it positions Saudi Arabia as a key player in international sports, capable of hosting major events and contributing to the global sports economy.


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