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Eintracht Frankfurt and Deutsche Telekom Forge a Strategic Technology Partnership.

Updated: May 15

Roge Hampel

Eintracht Frankfurt Telekom
Eintracht Frankfurt Telekom

Eintracht Frankfurt has teamed up with Deutsche Telekom, establishing a technology partnership that promises to bring innovative digital solutions to the forefront of the sports industry. This collaboration centers around Eintracht Frankfurt's tech subsidiary, EintrachtTech GmbH, which is set to pioneer new business ventures through cutting-edge digital initiatives, especially in the "Internet of Things" (IoT) sector.

Focusing on the "Arena of IoT"

The partnership will highlight a series of promising IoT projects spearheaded by EintrachtTech’s digital hub, the "Arena of IoT." One of the key objectives is to enhance the visitor experience at Deutsche Bank Park, the home of Eintracht Frankfurt. This initiative will implement advanced digital wayfinding solutions through sensor technology, aimed at improving navigation for guests unfamiliar with the venue, particularly during concerts and major events.

Real-World Applications at Deutsche Bank Park

In collaboration with T-Systems International and other project partners, EintrachtTech operates a real-world laboratory within Deutsche Bank Park. This lab focuses on the practical application of autonomous robotic vehicles. These vehicles are tested in various operational scenarios including passenger transport, logistics, waste management, and irrigation of green spaces, primarily on non-game days.

A Milestone for Digital Innovation in Sports

Timm Jäger, the CEO of EintrachtTech GmbH, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership. "Having Deutsche Telekom, a leader in German technology, endorse our digital strategy is an honor for us. This partnership not only reaffirms the advanced digitalization of Deutsche Bank Park, one of Germany's most technologically advanced stadiums but also opens up exciting new opportunities for future enhancements," he stated.

The collaboration between Eintracht Frankfurt and Deutsche Telekom marks a significant step towards integrating more sophisticated digital technologies in the sports sector. It underscores both organizations' commitment to innovation and their pursuit of enhancing user experiences through technology. As this partnership evolves, it is set to redefine the way fans interact with the sport and the stadium environment, setting a benchmark for digital excellence in sports venues worldwide.


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