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Coca-Cola Named SSC Napoli’s New Global Training Kit Partner.

Roger Hampel

Coca-Cola SSC Napoli
Coca-Cola SSC Napoli

The Coca-Cola Logo Will Feature on Napoli’s Training and Warm-Up Kits for the Upcoming Season

SSC Napoli and Coca-Cola have announced a significant partnership that will come into effect for the 2024/25 season. This collaboration sees Coca-Cola, a global brand with deep roots in Italy, becoming the official Global Training Kit Partner for the renowned football club.

A Legacy of Partnership

Coca-Cola, which has been a staple in Italy since 1927 and a global partner of Napoli since 2022, is elevating its relationship with the club by featuring its iconic logo on the training gear of both the first team and the Primavera side. This includes attire used during training sessions and warm-ups before all competitive fixtures, marking a new era in the partnership between these two iconic brands.

Enhancing the Connection Coca-Cola SSC Napoli

The collaboration reflects Coca-Cola's long-standing commitment to supporting sports, fostering community spirit, and creating memorable moments filled with shared passion.

In Naples, this relationship has been celebrated through numerous activations, including pre-match shows and performances by renowned DJs at the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona. Coca-Cola’s connection to the city is further underscored by the fact that Fanta, one of its most popular products, was created in Naples in 1955. Additionally, Coca-Cola HBC Italia’s production facility has been operational in Marcianise, Caserta, since 1974.

The New Training Kit

The new training kit for SSC Napoli will feature a distinctive digital camouflage print and the club’s 3D logo, mirroring the design elements used in the official match jerseys. The collection, comprising T-shirts, sleeveless tops, training tops, and windbreakers, will be available for purchase from the club’s official online store starting today at 19:26.

Statements from Leaders

Tommaso Bianchini, SSC Napoli’s Chief Revenue Officer, expressed his enthusiasm about the expanded partnership, stating, “We are proud to have extended our agreement with Coca-Cola to include our training kit and entire warm-up collection. This partnership confirms the global value of our brand and brings together fashion and entertainment through a passion for football. Today marks the start of a unique synergy between a globally loved brand and Napoli, which is aiming to establish a new notion of sporting fashion and entertainment for our fan base.”

Echoing this sentiment, Phillipine Mtikitiki, Vice President and General Manager of The Coca-Cola Company for Italy and Albania, said, “We are thrilled to live this new chapter with SSC Napoli. As Coca-Cola, we want to share the magic of football with fans through unique experiences at the stadium and accompanying them when they watch matches at home with a pizza and a Coke.”

Source/Credit: Napoli Media


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