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Canadian Premier League and DERBYSTAR Canada Strengthen Bonds with New Official Match Ball Launch for 2024/2025.

Roger Hampel

Canadian Premier League DERBYSTAR
Canadian Premier League DERBYSTAR

The Canadian Premier League (CPL) has proudly announced the extension of its partnership with DERBYSTAR Canada, ensuring the brand's continuation as the league's official provider of matchday and training balls through to the 2025 season. This collaboration, which first took root in 2020, has been a testament to the league's commitment to excellence and innovation in Canadian soccer.

Glen Johnson, Executive Vice President of the Canadian Premier League and Canadian Soccer Business, expressed his excitement about the renewal of this partnership. He highlighted DERBYSTAR's industry leadership, attributed to the brand's cutting-edge technology, high-quality products, and innovative designs. This collaboration is not just about supplying soccer balls; it's about enhancing the game's quality and players' performance across the league.

In a grand gesture to commemorate this renewed partnership, the CPL and DERBYSTAR Canada unveiled the new official match ball for the 2024/2025 season. The ball's design pays homage to Canada's national identity, featuring the vibrant reds and pure whites of the Canadian flag, alongside a unique blend of the Maple Leaf and North Star emblem—core elements of the CPL logo. This design aims to mirror the fervent passion of the CPL community and its mission to showcase the pinnacle of Canadian talent through soccer.

The 2024/2025 official match ball is more than just visually striking. DERBYSTAR Canada's Brillant APS (Advanced Performance System) model continues to offer top-tier technical features that have been celebrated in previous versions. This includes a textured surface for enhanced grip, a zero-wing latex bladder for a lively bounce, and a hand-stitched, 32-panel design for optimal roundness and consistent flight. These features ensure that the ball performs exceptionally well under various conditions, maintaining its flexibility even in wet weather and low temperatures.

Since its inception in 1968, DERBYSTAR has been at the forefront of soccer ball innovation. It was among the first to introduce synthetic materials in the 1970s, setting a new standard for the industry. This spirit of innovation is what the CPL aims to embody through its partnership with DERBYSTAR Canada.

Christina Stalteri, Director of Operations at DERBYSTAR Canada, expressed pride in supporting the Canadian soccer community and enthusiasm for the launch of the new CPL Brillant APS. The partnership underscores DERBYSTAR's commitment to delivering products of the highest standard, mirroring the quality seen in top European leagues. This ensures that Canadian Premier League players have access to the best equipment, further elevating the level of play and the overall soccer experience in Canada.

As the Canadian Premier League enters its sixth and seventh seasons, this enduring partnership with DERBYSTAR Canada symbolizes a shared vision for advancing soccer in Canada. By introducing the 2024/2025 official match ball, the league not only celebrates Canadian heritage but also looks forward to inspiring future generations of soccer players and fans across the nation.

FOT & Source: Canadian Premier League


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