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Cadbury and Tottenham Hotspur Renew Partnership Focused on Inclusivity.

Roger Hampel

FOT: Tottenham Hotspur

Cadbury and Tottenham Hotspur have recommitted to a long-term partnership aimed at bolstering community support and enhancing inclusivity. The renewal was marked with a short film featuring Zak, a British Sign Language (BSL) steward at Tottenham's stadium, showcasing the club’s efforts to foster an inclusive matchday environment.

The partnership, initiated in 2020, has already birthed several community-based initiatives including the "Hotspur Heroes" campaign that celebrates fans contributing to their communities. Cadbury, known for its “Sign with Fingers” campaign, encourages the public to learn BSL, aligning well with Tottenham’s various accessibility features.

Both parties are optimistic about amplifying their impact in the years to come, planning exclusive fan experiences and additional diversity initiatives.

Nick Rogers of Mondelez International commented that Cadbury’s ethos of community support and inclusivity has "never been stronger," especially as the company nears its bicentennial. Meanwhile, Fran Jones, Partnerships Director at Tottenham Hotspur, reiterated that the renewed partnership serves as a testament to their shared commitment to diversity and inclusion.


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