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Ajax Welcomes Olympia as New Main and Shirt Sponsor for Youth Teams.

Roger Hampel

Ajax Olympia
Ajax Olympia

Ajax has officially announced a promising partnership with Olympia, one of the largest labor market intermediaries in the Netherlands. As part of this collaboration, Olympia will serve as the main and shirt sponsor for Ajax's youth teams from the upcoming season until at least 2027. This partnership signifies a strategic alignment of values and ambitions, focusing on the development of young talent and expanding societal impact.

Olympia's Impact on Ajax's Youth and Future Cup

Beyond the sponsorship, Olympia will also take on the title sponsorship of the Future Cup, an esteemed international youth tournament recently won by Ajax U17. This involvement highlights Olympia's commitment to fostering young talent and providing them with platforms to shine both nationally and internationally.

Shared Values and Visions

Menno Geelen, the Commercial Director of AFC Ajax, expressed his gratitude and enthusiasm about the partnership: "We are extremely grateful to Olympia for becoming the Official Partner and main sponsor of the Ajax youth. The synergy between Olympia's nationwide presence and our overlapping ambitions and values, such as educating talent and creating opportunities, makes them an ideal partner."

Dimitri Yocarini, CEO of Olympia, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the aligned focus on talent development and societal impact: "Every day we strive to improve, educate, grow, and make a maximum impact; these are fundamental values for us and resonate strongly with Ajax. It’s exciting to think about the future prospects of Ajax youth players and our role in their journey."

A Bright Future Ahead

The partnership between Ajax and Olympia is set to not only enhance the visibility of both brands but also enrich the developmental pathways for young athletes, ensuring they have the support and opportunities needed to excel. As this collaboration unfolds over the coming years, the potential for nurturing world-class talent within Ajax's ranks looks more promising than ever, underlining the power of strategic partnerships in sports.


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