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Ajax and Sharjah FC Extend Partnership: A Three-Year Journey Ahead.

Roger Hampel

Ajax and Sharjah FC
Ajax and Sharjah FC

Ajax and Sharjah FC, their esteemed partner club from the United Arab Emirates, have officially extended their collaborative journey. The two football giants have agreed on a three-year contract extension, solidifying a partnership that has been flourishing since 2020.

Background of the Partnership

In 2020, Ajax and Sharjah FC embarked on a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing football prowess and developing young talent. This alliance brought four experienced Ajax coaches to the UAE, where they have been instrumental in elevating the standards of Sharjah's youth academy.

The Impact of the Partnership

The collaboration between Ajax and Sharjah FC has been a beacon of success in merging European football expertise with the growing football culture in the UAE. The Ajax coaches have introduced advanced training methodologies and a European football philosophy, greatly benefiting the local youth talents. This cross-continental partnership symbolizes a global football community where knowledge and skills transcend borders.

What the Extension Entails

The three-year contract extension is a testament to the successful impact of the initial partnership. This renewal will not only continue the developmental programs in place but also opens doors for new opportunities. This includes potential player exchanges, joint training sessions, and sharing of best practices in club management and player development.

The Future Outlook

With this extended collaboration, Ajax and Sharjah FC are set to continue their path of nurturing young talent and contributing significantly to the football landscape in both the Netherlands and the UAE. The partnership stands as a model for international collaborations in sports, showcasing how shared visions and expertise can lead to remarkable progress in the world of football.


The continued alliance between Ajax and Sharjah FC underlines the power of international partnerships in sport. As they embark on another three-year journey together, the football world eagerly anticipates the continued success and developments that will arise from this synergistic relationship. Ajax’s expertise combined with Sharjah FC’s regional knowledge promises a bright future for the aspiring talents in their folds.


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