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€210 Million Contract to Mohamed Salah!

Salem Badughaish

FOT: Mohamed Salah via Instagram

Al-Ittihad's offer comes at a time when the Saudi Pro League is actively seeking to raise its profile on the global stage. Acquiring a player of Salah's caliber would undoubtedly mark a significant milestone in this endeavor. As one of the premier clubs in Saudi Arabia, Al-Ittihad is making an audacious statement of intent with this move, potentially signaling a new era for football in the region.

The offer has also raised eyebrows within the European football community, particularly among Liverpool's supporters and management. Salah's contributions to Liverpool have been nothing short of remarkable. Since joining the club in 2017, he has been instrumental in their successes, including winning the UEFA Champions League and the Premier League.

Liverpool would undoubtedly be keen to keep their star player, and negotiations for a potential contract extension with Salah have been rumored for some time. However, the lucrative offer from Al-Ittihad adds a new and complex dimension to these negotiations.

The decision now rests with Salah and his representatives, who must consider not only the financial aspects but also the impact on his career trajectory. Moving to Saudi Arabia could present opportunities for brand expansion and financial growth, but it might also pose challenges in terms of competitive football and personal adaptation to a new culture and environment.

Salah's status as an icon in his home country of Egypt and across the Arab world adds another layer of intrigue to the potential move. His decision could have far-reaching implications for his legacy both on and off the field.

Fans alike are watching closely as this story unfolds, speculating on the various factors that might influence Salah's decision. Whether he will choose the allure of a record-breaking contract with Al-Ittihad or continue his quest for glory with Liverpool is a question that has captured the imagination of the football world.

As the 2023-24 season approaches, all eyes will be on Salah and the unfolding drama of one of the most tantalizing transfer sagas in recent memory. The choice he makes could not only shape his career but also redefine the landscape of football in both Europe and the Middle East. Only time, indeed, will reveal what path he chooses to walk.

Al-Ittihad Salah 180 milion Saudi Arabia


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