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Liverpool FC Expands International Reach with First Retail Partnership in South Korea.

Roger Hampel

Liverpool FC South Korea
Liverpool FC South Korea

Liverpool Football Club (LFC) is taking significant strides in its international expansion efforts by establishing its first official retail partnership in South Korea. This partnership marks a strategic move to enhance the club's global presence and cater to the burgeoning fanbase in Asia.

Strategic Collaboration with Over the Pitch

LFC's new partnership with Over the Pitch, a renowned brand and creative design studio in South Korea, signifies a mutual commitment to promoting football culture and expanding market reach. Founded in 2014, Over the Pitch has a rich history of collaboration with both domestic and international football clubs, making it an ideal partner for LFC's market penetration strategies.

Enhancing Fan Experience and Accessibility Liverpool FC South Korea

The collaboration will focus on product development and market expansion to deepen the club's ties with Korean fans. Initially, the partnership will see the launch of two shop-in-shops located in the vibrant districts of Hongdae in Seoul and Suwon. These outlets will offer official LFC merchandise, increasing accessibility for fans and providing them with a tangible connection to the club. Liverpool FC South Korea

Plans are also underway to open a standalone store, further solidifying LFC's retail presence in South Korea. This move is in line with the club's broader strategy to strengthen its brand visibility and fan engagement across Asia.

Building on Successful Models in Asia

This initiative builds on Liverpool FC's successful retail expansions in other parts of Asia, including a recent collaboration with All Star Partners in China. This previous partnership facilitated easier access to LFC merchandise through popular e-commerce platforms like Tmall, Douyin, and JD, significantly boosting the club's outreach in the Chinese market.

Moreover, a collaboration with Swire Properties introduced a fully immersive Anfield experience across the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, enhancing fan experiences and engagement.

Comments from Leadership

Mike Cox, the senior vice-president of merchandising at LFC, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting it as a key development in LFC's strategy to grow its international presence. "With Over the Pitch's local knowledge and our shared vision, we can offer Korean fans easier access to our merchandise and unique in-store experiences that embody the spirit of LFC," said Cox.

Hokeun Choi, the creative director and CEO of Over the Pitch, also shared his excitement about the partnership. "We are thrilled to connect Korean fans with Liverpool FC, leveraging our extensive experience in football collaboration and creative branding to enrich the fan experience," Choi remarked.


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