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ZondaCrypto Joins Forces with Juventus as Official Crypto Exchange Partner.

Roger Hampel

ZondaCrypto Juventus
ZondaCrypto Juventus

ZondaCrypto has been announced as the latest sponsor and official crypto exchange partner of Juventus, one of the most prestigious football clubs in the world. This partnership, announced on February 2, 2024, marks a significant milestone in the integration of cutting-edge financial technology with traditional sports, highlighting the growing influence of cryptocurrency in the global market.

A Landmark Collaboration

ZondaCrypto, a leading name in the regulated cryptocurrency exchange marketplace in Europe, will now see its brand emblazoned on the sleeve of Juventus' men's first-team shirts. Founded in Poland in 2014, ZondaCrypto has grown from a Bitcoin trading platform to a comprehensive exchange supporting the trade of dozens of cryptocurrencies. With authorization to operate in multiple countries, including Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, Estonia, and Canada, ZondaCrypto boasts an impressive 1.2 million active users, showcasing its expansive reach and the trust it has garnered within the crypto community.

This partnership is more than just a branding opportunity; it's a strategic collaboration aimed at leveraging Juventus' extensive fan base to support ZondaCrypto's international expansion.

Francesco Calvo, Juventus Managing Director Revenue & Football Development, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing the importance of aligning with a forward-thinking, innovative, and professional entity like ZondaCrypto. He noted, "For Juventus, it is crucial to collaborate with a company that stands out in the cryptocurrency sector, and we anticipate a dynamic and successful partnership."

Przemysław Kral, CEO of ZondaCrypto, mirrored this excitement, stating, "We are proud that Juventus has chosen us as their official cryptocurrency exchange. This opens up new opportunities for both the club and us, signaling a promising future for our collaboration."


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