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Zlatan Ibrahimović Becomes RedBird Partner, Advisor to AC Milan Ownership.

Roger Hampel

Zlatan Ibrahimović RedBird Partner
Zlatan Ibrahimović RedBird Partner

Zlatan Ibrahimović has been appointed as an Operating Partner at RedBird Capital Partners (“RedBird”). This role not only involves his active participation in RedBird’s Sports and Media & Entertainment investment portfolio but also sees him stepping into a pivotal position as a Senior Advisor to the ownership and senior management of AC Milan.

Ibrahimović's football career is nothing short of legendary. With a journey that spanned across prestigious clubs like Malmo, Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona FC, AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United, and the Los Angeles Galaxy, he has been a part of an astonishing 34 trophy wins. His career highlights include scoring over 570 goals, being a three-time best player in Italy's Serie A, and a top scorer multiple times in Serie A and France’s Ligue 1. After announcing his retirement on June 4, 2023, following his last game with AC Milan, Ibrahimović is now set to embark on a new venture with RedBird.

Ibrahimović's impact extends far beyond the football field. He is a global brand, an entrepreneur, a published author, and a marketing and advertising specialist. With a massive following of 123 million on social media and a best-selling autobiography, “I Am Zlatan,” he has made his mark as a global influencer and a humanitarian, working with organizations like the United Nations World Food Program (WFP).

At RedBird, Ibrahimović will be instrumental in sourcing and evaluating new investment opportunities, advising on commercial projects, digital content strategies, and brand-building initiatives. His role in AC Milan includes advising the club's ownership, which comprises RedBird and the New York Yankees, on various aspects including player development, high-performance training, global branding, and strategic projects like the new stadium.

Gerry Cardinale, Founder and Managing Partner of RedBird, praised Ibrahimović for his winning mindset, intellect, and entrepreneurial spirit. He highlighted the alignment of Ibrahimović's capabilities with RedBird's commitment to excellence in both sports and entertainment.

Paolo Scaroni, Chairman of AC Milan, and Giorgio Furlani, CEO of AC Milan, have both expressed their delight and confidence in having Ibrahimović on board as an advisor. They recognize his champion's ethos, creativity, and vast network as invaluable assets to the club's future endeavors.

Ibrahimović himself expressed his gratitude and excitement about joining RedBird and AC Milan in these influential roles. He views this opportunity as a continuation of his love and commitment to AC Milan, and a meaningful step in his post-playing career.

In summary, Zlatan Ibrahimović's transition from a celebrated football player to a strategic partner and advisor at RedBird and AC Milan marks a significant milestone. It represents a fusion of sporting excellence with strategic business acumen, heralding a new era of success and innovation for both the investment firm and the iconic football club.

Source: Private Equity Insights


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