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Yomoni Joins Forces with AS Monaco as a Premium Partner.

Roger Hampel

FOT: AS Monaco

AS Monaco, one of the stalwarts of French football, and Yomoni, the frontrunner in online savings management in France, have recently announced a groundbreaking partnership that speaks volumes about the future of both sports and finance. With Yomoni gracing the left sleeve of AS Monaco's players, this collaboration marks a paradigm shift in the way we look at sports sponsorships.

Melding Football with Finance

The collaboration between AS Monaco and Yomoni isn't just another brand alignment. It's a synergy between two organizations driven by excellence, efficiency, and innovation. This association will see Yomoni enjoying substantial visibility not only on players' sleeves but also across Stade Louis-II, the home of AS Monaco. Additionally, the brand will feature prominently on the club's official signage and communication media.

What Makes This Partnership Unique?

The alignment of AS Monaco with Yomoni is a testament to shared values and objectives. Ben Lambrecht, AS Monaco's CEO, encapsulated the spirit of the collaboration, saying, "Yomoni combines performance and responsibility, two values to which we are particularly sensitive. We are convinced of the success of this collaboration, which we can't wait to start."

Similarly, Sébastien d’Ornano, the CEO of Yomoni, highlighted the shared ethos, stating, “AS Monaco stands for excellence, rigour, and hard work, focusing heavily on the training of young talent. We share these values. At Yomoni, we make savings management accessible to everyone, and we have high standards, efficiency, and responsibility in our DNA.”

Yomoni: Revolutionizing Online Savings Management

Founded in 2015, Yomoni has disrupted the financial landscape by offering portfolio management services that were once only available to institutional and private banking clients. With the seal of approval from the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), Yomoni provides an alternative to traditional bank savings, emphasizing accessibility, performance, and responsibility.

Community Outreach

One of the most exciting aspects of this partnership is the prospect of community engagement. Various activities are in the pipeline to enable Yomoni to connect deeply with the AS Monaco community, which goes beyond mere brand visibility.

Concluding Thoughts

The premium partnership between Yomoni and AS Monaco is much more than a marketing ploy. It reflects a meeting of minds and values that both entities hold dear. As the landscape of sports sponsorships is continually evolving, this collaboration serves as a model for how companies from different sectors can come together to create a win-win scenario for everyone involved, from fans and players to stakeholders and communities at large.

Source: AS Monaco via OneFootball


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