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Will Juventus Voluntarily Withdraw from the UEFA Conference League?

Roger Hampel


Speculation about the football world is abuzz as recent reports from Tuttosport and La Repubblica suggest that Juventus, one of the most successful teams in Serie A, might voluntarily withdraw from the UEFA Conference League (UECL).

Despite seeming abstract at first glance, the rationale behind this decision is deeply rooted in the team's current position and aspirations for future seasons. Here's why the team from Turin might be considering this unconventional move.

Turbulence On and Off the Pitch

The 2022/23 season has been tumultuous for Juventus, both on and off the pitch. Their sporting performances haven't been up to the mark, leaving them unable to challenge for the Serie A title. But the real turbulence lies in the off-pitch issues, where they have been penalized for violating the Financial Fair Play rules.

Currently, these penalties have only been imposed at the national level, but UEFA is still investigating the Turin team. The final verdict could result in exclusion from European competitions. However, the timeline for the verdict remains unclear. It might come into effect this season when Juventus is set to compete in the UEFA Conference League, or it could be delayed until next year when they plan to battle for the Champions League.

The Strategic Settlement

Faced with this uncertainty, Juventus, according to Tuttosport, is considering proposing a settlement to UEFA. The club recently withdrew their plans for a Superleague, a move that was positively received by UEFA. Now, Juventus might voluntarily accept a year-long ban from European competitions that would coincide with the current season.

In theory, this would mean that Juventus would not participate in the UEFA Conference League - a tournament that perhaps doesn't align with their bigger ambitions. But, importantly, it would clear their records and open up possibilities to compete in the Champions League next season.

The Domino Effect

Should Juventus indeed make such a move, the ripple effect will certainly be felt across Serie A. The Turin giant's place in the UECL could likely be taken up by Fiorentina, which finished eighth in the 2022/23 Serie A season.

While this is a hypothetical scenario at this point, the developments hold a significant bearing on Juventus's future and that of other Serie A teams. Stay tuned to keep up with the latest happenings and unfolding strategies in the world of football.


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