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Villarreal CF to Launch 'Inmersión Villarreal' Museum: A Dive into Football History and Culture.

Roger Hampel

Villarreal Museum
Villarreal Museum

Villarreal CF is set to enrich the football landscape with the unveiling of its brand new museum, 'Inmersión Villarreal', located within the iconic Estadio de la Cerámica. Scheduled to open to the public by the end of May 2024, this museum promises a unique blend of interactive and audiovisual experiences that celebrate the rich history, identity, and values of the club.

A Groundbreaking Experience at Estadio de la Cerámica

Positioned in the Fondo Sur section of Estadio de la Cerámica, the museum is the fruit of a collaboration between Villarreal CF and Mediapro Exhibitions, a renowned entity within Grup Mediapro that specializes in creating and managing exhibition spaces.

Interactive and Engaging Exhibits

The museum is structured around multiple themed rooms, each representing different facets of the club’s ethos and achievements. Central to the exhibit is the 'Yellow Submarine'—the iconic symbol of the club—which guides visitors through various immersive displays. Fans and visitors will have the opportunity to engage with the club’s legacy interactively, exploring pivotal moments in Villarreal CF’s history through advanced audiovisual technologies.

A Multi-Purpose Transformation

The launch of 'Inmersión Villarreal' aligns with the broader transformation of Estadio de la Cerámica. The stadium is undergoing significant renovations to mark the club’s centenary, evolving into a state-of-the-art multi-purpose facility. These upgrades not only enhance the match-day experience but also integrate leisure and dining areas, making the stadium a versatile hub for both sports fans and the general public.

Delving into the Club’s Roots

The museum is part of Villarreal CF's larger initiative to delve into its roots and promote its historical narrative. This initiative began in late 2022 with the establishment of the Historical Archive in partnership with Jaume I University, Vila-real Town Council, and the ‘Amics del Club’ supporters’ association. The archive project, along with the release of significant historical publications and documentaries, underpins the club's commitment to preserving and celebrating its heritage.

Celebrating a Century of Stories

In conjunction with the museum’s opening, Villarreal CF has released two significant works: a documentary titled ‘100 anys de pel-lícula’ and a book named ‘La Il-lusió de Tot un Poble’. These works encapsulate the high points of the club’s century-long journey and share insights from key figures who have shaped its history.


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