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UEFA Notified of Suspicious Betting Patterns in Europa Conference League Qualifiers.

Roger Hampel

FOT: UEFA Conference League/via Instagram

Two matches from the first round of UEFA Europa Conference League qualifiers have come under scrutiny due to suspicious betting activities. The matches in question are Armenian side Alashkert's 6-1 victory over Arsenal Tivat of Montenegro and Latvian team RFS's 4-1 win against Makedonija GP from North Macedonia. These outcomes led Alashkert and RFS to advance to the next round.

Suspicious betting patterns can indicate match-fixing, misuse of insider information, or other forms of manipulation. UEFA, the governing body of European football, refrains from commenting on ongoing investigations into alleged match-fixing to protect the integrity of the process.

Both matches were played on July 20, and while Alashkert and RFS won those games, they were subsequently eliminated in the following round. All four teams involved will not proceed to the group stage of the UEFA Europa Conference League.

The Conference League, introduced by UEFA in 2021, aims to provide a platform for clubs from lower-ranked member associations. However, experts highlight the risk of match-fixing due to the mix of countries and lesser-known teams, making it challenging for bookmakers to accurately set odds.

The suspicious betting patterns were noted by sports integrity experts, prompting the notification to UEFA. The governing body has not provided further comments on the ongoing investigation.

Source: The Athletic


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