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The Economic and Brand Image Boost of Yan Dhanda Playing for India: A Perspective on Potential Benefits.

Roger Hampel

Yan Dhanda India
Yan Dhanda India

FOT: Ross County

Yan Dhanda's journey from being an ex-Liverpool player to potentially representing India on the international stage encapsulates more than just a career transition; it's a story of ambition, heritage, and the vast potential impact on economic and branding aspects for Indian football. Dhanda, currently showcasing his talents with Ross County in the Scottish Premiership, is navigating through legal and bureaucratic hurdles to don the Indian jersey, a move that could significantly benefit India's economic landscape and global footballing image.

Economic Growth Through a Footballing Connection

India, with its burgeoning population and a growing appetite for football, stands on the cusp of a sports revolution. The inclusion of Yan Dhanda, with his Premier League training and international exposure, into the Indian football scene could act as a catalyst for this transformation. As an ex-Liverpool player, Dhanda brings a level of expertise and recognition that can enhance viewership, attract sponsorships, and boost merchandise sales, tapping into the economic potential of the sport in a country with over 1.3 billion people.

The narrative of Dhanda’s journey—a player of Indian heritage making his mark in European football and choosing to represent India—holds immense appeal for sponsors, marketers, and fans alike. This unique storyline could lead to increased fan engagement, opening new avenues for revenue through merchandise, endorsements, and match attendances, significantly contributing to the sport’s economic footprint in India.

Boosting India's Global Brand Image

Yan Dhanda representing India would be a powerful statement on the international football stage, showcasing the country's commitment to elevating its game by integrating talent from its vast diaspora. Dhanda's presence in the Indian squad could attract global attention, spotlighting the nation's footballing culture and its potential to produce and nurture high-caliber talent. This move not only enhances India's brand image as a competitive footballing nation but also illustrates a welcoming attitude towards its global community, willing to unite diverse talents for national pride.

Yan Dhanda's Personal Brand Elevation

For Dhanda, the opportunity to represent India is a chance to elevate his personal brand to new heights. Transitioning from an ex-Liverpool player to a key figure in Indian football, Dhanda could tap into a vast fan base, becoming an iconic figure for millions of aspiring footballers. His story of perseverance, cultural connection, and professional growth could inspire a generation, positioning him as the face of football in India and opening doors to endorsement deals and ambassadorial roles that transcend the sport itself.


Yan Dhanda’s potential shift from Liverpool’s training grounds to the heart of Indian football is a narrative that promises economic growth, enhanced global branding for Indian football, and significant personal brand development for Dhanda himself. As this story unfolds, the anticipation of Dhanda playing for India underscores the boundless possibilities that lie in bridging talent, heritage, and ambition in the beautiful game.


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