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Sky Sports and ITV to Bring Free-to-Air Carabao Cup and EFL Championship Games Starting 2025.

Roger Hampel

Sky Sports  ITV
Sky Sports ITV

In a landmark deal poised to reshape the broadcasting landscape of English football, Sky Sports and ITV have announced a partnership to bring select Carabao Cup and EFL Championship fixtures to free-to-air television. Starting in January 2025, this collaboration will kick off with the Carabao Cup semi-finals and extend through the end of the 2026/27 season.

Expanding Reach to Football Fans Across the UK

For the first time in recent history, fans across the United Kingdom will have free access to crucial matches in both the Carabao Cup and the EFL Championship, thanks to the new agreement between ITV and Sky Sports. This initiative will not only boost viewership numbers but also enhance the accessibility of top-tier football to a broader audience, ensuring that pivotal games are available to everyone without subscription barriers.

Key Features of the New Broadcasting Strategy

  • - Start Date and Duration: The agreement commences in January 2025 and is set to run until the end of the 2026/27 season.

  • - Coverage Details: ITV will broadcast a select number of fixtures, which will also be available on Sky Sports. The deal includes over 1,000 EFL matches each season, showcasing the depth and excitement of English football.

  • - Focus Games: The partnership will be inaugurated with the broadcasting of the Carabao Cup semi-finals, a critical stage in one of the most prestigious knockout tournaments in English football.

What This Means for Fans and the Sport

This broadcasting deal is more than just a win for fans who seek more access to their favorite teams and games; it's a significant development for the clubs involved. Increased exposure on a free-to-air platform can lead to greater fan engagement, higher match attendances in the long run, and increased support from local and international fans. Moreover, it allows families and communities who may not have Sky Sports subscriptions to experience the thrill of live football, fostering a deeper connection with the sport at grassroots levels.

Source: Sky Sports UK


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