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Sky's Game-Changing Deal: 70% More Premier League Matches Live from 2025.

Roger Hampel

Sky Premier League
Sky Premier League

FOT: Sky Sports via Instagram

In a groundbreaking development for football fans across the globe, Sky has clinched broadcast rights to an unparalleled number of Premier League matches, commencing from the 2025/26 season. This monumental deal, spanning four years, marks a seismic shift in the sports broadcasting landscape, with Sky Sports amplifying its live coverage by a staggering 70%.

The deal, heralded as a new chapter in sports broadcasting, ensures that Sky Sports will retain four out of the five available packages, with TNT Sports securing the remaining package. This means an exclusive increase in live coverage for Sky Sports viewers, promising an immersive and comprehensive football experience like never before.

Sky Sports' commitment to football fans is further underscored by its retention of the much-celebrated Super Sunday programme. In an unprecedented move, all final games of the season will be broadcast live in one place for the first time, ensuring fans don’t miss a moment of the thrilling season finale.

The agreement also introduces a new dimension to weekend football viewing. Sky Sports will now present multiple live matches at 2pm on Sundays, allowing fans to indulge in a more diverse range of Premier League battles.

This record deal is not just a win for Sky and football fans but also represents a significant financial boost to the sport. The agreements are set to deliver a total of £6.7 billion in revenue over the four-year period, signifying the immense value and appeal of Premier League football. Dana Strong, the group chief executive of Sky, expressed pride in this achievement, emphasizing the enhanced engagement, entertainment, and innovation that Sky will deliver to its customers. Strong’s statement reflects Sky’s dedication to maintaining its status as the premier destination for sports fans in the UK, offering an unrivaled range of sports content.

On the other hand, Richard Masters, the Premier League chief executive, lauded the extension of the partnership with Sky Sports and TNT Sports. Masters highlighted the world-class coverage and programming that these partnerships have consistently delivered, underlining the Premier League's position as a globally competitive and highly appealing football league. While TNT Sports has secured Package A, featuring 52 matches primarily kicking off at 12.30 pm, Sky Sports’ coverage is set to revolutionize how fans interact with Premier League football. The deal's impact transcends the boundaries of traditional sports broadcasting, promising a richer, more engaging football viewing experience.

In conclusion, this landmark deal between Sky and the Premier League sets a new standard in sports broadcasting. It not only enriches the viewing experience for fans but also solidifies the Premier League’s standing as one of the most sought-after and celebrated football leagues globally. As we edge closer to the 2025/26 season, anticipation builds for what is poised to be an unforgettable era in Premier League broadcasting.

Source: Sky Sports


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