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Sepiia Elevates Deportivo Alavés with Intelligent Suit Sponsorship for 2024/2025 Season.

Roger Hampel

Sepiia Deportivo Alavés
Sepiia Deportivo Alavés

In a fusion of fashion and functionality, Sepiia, a leader in smart and sustainable apparel, has proudly announced its sponsorship with the prestigious La Liga football team, Deportivo Alavés. This partnership sees Sepiia stepping into the role of the official suiting sponsor, outfitting not just the players but also the coaching staff and club executives for the entire 2024/2025 season.

Innovative Apparel Meets Elite Football

The alliance brings Sepiia's cutting-edge garment technology to the forefront of sports fashion. Known for pioneering stain-resistant and wrinkle-free shirts, Sepiia now extends its innovation to the formal attire of Deportivo Alavés. This collaboration utilizes technical fabrics inspired by high-performance athletic wear, integrating them into elegant, tailor-made suits ideal for the professional athlete's lifestyle off the field.

Features of the Groundbreaker Suit Sepiia Deportivo Alavés

The suit, aptly named the "Groundbreaker," exemplifies innovation with its lightweight, stretchable fabric that offers thermoregulation and superior breathability. Designed to accommodate the dynamic needs of high-level athletes, these suits ensure optimal comfort during travel and public appearances with features like odor-neutralizing technology and stain and wrinkle resistance. Crafted in a sleek navy blue, the suits are as stylish as they are practical, fully recyclable, and tailored to offer both thermal protection and aesthetic appeal.

Executive Insights

Federico Sainz de Robles, CEO of Sepiia, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, noting, "It’s fantastic that a club like Deportivo Alavés trusts in our apparel. Dressing high-level athletes merges the functional worlds of tech and the elegance of fashion. We aim to keep the players comfortable even off the field, during their travels and at events."

Joseba Baqueicoa, Director of Major Accounts at Deportivo Alavés, mirrored this sentiment, "We are thrilled to partner with Sepiia. Their focus on blending functionality with style mirrors our vision for the team. It's crucial for our players to feel comfortable and confident both on and off the field, and I am confident that Sepiia will meet these standards."

Source: Deportivo Alaves


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