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Saudi Arabia With the Official Bid to Host the 2034 FIFA World Cup.

Salem Badughaish

Saudi 2034
Saudi 2034

FOT: Saudi Arabian Football Federation

In an ambitious stride towards hosting its first-ever FIFA World Cup, Saudi Arabia has officially announced its bid for the 2034 tournament, rallying under the inspiring slogan “Grow. Together.” This move isn't just about bringing the world's premier football event to Saudi soil; it's a testament to the nation's growing prominence on the global sports stage, a testament to its vision for unity, growth, and transformation through sport.

The announcement, adorned with a newly launched logo, website, and an evocative short film, is not merely a bid. It's a declaration of Saudi Arabia's readiness to embrace the world, showcasing the passion, diversity, and spirit of Saudi football and its fans. As the only bid presented thus far, Saudi Arabia's proposition stands unchallenged, but it's the ambition and the promise behind it that truly captivate.

Under the leadership of Yasser Al Misehal, president of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF), the kingdom has laid out a compelling vision. The campaign "Grow. Together" encapsulates the essence of this journey, aiming to weave the country's football narrative into the fabric of global sport. Saudi Arabia is no stranger to hosting significant events, as evidenced by the successful organization of the 2023 Club World Cup and the anticipation around the 2024 edition. These milestones are not just achievements but stepping stones towards realizing the dream of the World Cup on Saudi ground.

The growth of football in Saudi Arabia, both in the men's and women's sectors, is remarkable. With an increase in training centers, talent identification programs, and coaching education, the kingdom is nurturing a football culture that is inclusive, competitive, and vibrant. This holistic development approach underpins the World Cup bid, illustrating Saudi Arabia's commitment to fostering a legacy that transcends the tournament itself.

Hammad Albalawi, director of the Saudi Football Federation’s 2034 FIFA World Cup Tenders Unit, emphasized the bid as a representation of the hopes and dreams of over 32 million Saudis. This bid is more than a proposal; it's a pledge to deliver an event that honors the trust of the global football community and makes the nation proud.

While Australia's recent withdrawal leaves Saudi Arabia's bid in a favorable position, the journey ahead is long, and the dream is vast. Hosting the World Cup is about more than just football; it's about showcasing Saudi Arabia's evolution, its hospitality, and its readiness to be a unifying force for the sport globally. As the 2034 tournament draws nearer, the world watches with anticipation to see if Saudi Arabia will turn its bold dream into a reality, under the banner of "Grow. Together."


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