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Saudi Arabia’s Bid to Host the 2034 FIFA World Cup™.

Roger Hampel

Saudi Arabia’s Bid to Host the 2034 FIFA World Cup™.
Saudi Arabia’s Bid to Host the 2034 FIFA World Cup™.

October 9, 2023, marked an emblematic step for Saudi Arabia as the Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) officially conveyed their intention to bid for hosting the 2034 FIFA World Cup™, fortifying the Kingdom’s strategic trajectory toward becoming a central hub in the global sporting arena.

A Pledge towards a Revolutionary Sporting Event

Saudi Arabia, weaving its earnest desires into the realm of world football, has signaled not merely an intention to host a sporting event, but an invitation for the world to witness its monumental development, vibrant culture, and rich history. Yasser Al Misehal, President of SAFF, highlighted the dual perspective of the bid as both a continuation of the nation’s intriguing journey and a stride towards materializing the dreams of its citizens. The 2034 FIFA World Cup™ is envisioned to be more than a tournament, becoming a medium to forge unity globally through the universal love for football.

Fostering Unity and Showcasing Progress with Vision 2030

Positioning itself at the crossroads between progress and tradition, the Kingdom’s bid is intertwined with the nation’s Vision 2030, reflecting an economic and social transformation that has rippled across Saudi Arabia, shaping it into a nexus for international gatherings, tourism, and now, potentially the most revered event in the football world.

This historic bid illustrates Saudi Arabia's mission to catalyze football’s development universally, unlocking multilateral opportunities and reinforcing the sport’s growth globally. Inspired by the nation's transformation and nurtured by its profound affinity for football, Saudi Arabia extends its arms to the world, promising an event that will linger in memories for generations.

Amplifying a Legacy of Hosting International Sporting Events

Saudi Arabia has not only established but also affirmed its capability to host international sports events, having successfully managed over 50 events since 2018. With a history of hosting versatile sporting activities, including football, motorsports, tennis, equestrian, esports, and golf, involving both male and female athletes, the Kingdom has demonstrated its logistical, infrastructural, and organizational prowess on the global stage.

A Wave of International Support

It's noteworthy that within 72 hours of announcing its intention, Saudi Arabia has garnered public support from over 70 FIFA Member Associations spanning multiple continents. This accentuates not just a shared belief in the nation's ability to host the event but signifies a collective endorsement of its proposition to be a new focal point in the global sports configuration.

Conclusion: A Kaleidoscope of Opportunities and Experiences

A Saudi 2034 bid symbolizes more than an application to be a host nation; it is a testament to the country's evolution, willingness, and aptitude to stage an event of such colossal scale and significance. It’s a call to experience firsthand the cultural and developmental journey that Saudi Arabia has embarked upon.

The path ahead is imbued with anticipation, as the world watches closely whether the 2034 FIFA World Cup™ will become an integral chapter of Saudi Arabia’s history, knitting together stories of sport, unity, and unparalleled experiences.


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