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San Mamés Stadium Witnesses a 6.5% Surge in Attendance, Marking a Record-breaking Season.

Roger Hampel

San Mamés Record
San Mamés Record

In the bustling city of Bilbao, the iconic San Mamés Stadium, affectionately known as La Catedral, has recorded a significant 6.5% increase in match attendance for the Athletic Club's male first team matches in LaLiga and the Copa del Rey. The average attendance now stands at an impressive 46,594 spectators per game, up from 43,703 in the previous season. This uptick is primarily attributed to an increase in the number of season ticket loans among members.

The Athletic Club is celebrating this growth, emphasizing the importance of both the increased number of members and the general public's enthusiastic participation game after game. After hosting 17 matches this season, the stadium's attendance figures have not only surpassed last year's but have also outdone the pre-COVID era, with the 2018/19 season logging an average of 39,784 attendees.

A historic milestone was achieved on February 29, 2024, during a Copa del Rey semifinal against Atlético de Madrid, when 52,061 spectators filled the stands, setting a new record for the highest attendance at a football match in San Mamés. This season alone has seen four of the top five attendances in the club's history, showcasing the fans' unwavering support and passion.

The increase in attendance is largely due to the members' generosity in loaning their season tickets, with 51,675 loans recorded so far this season, compared to 49,128 in the entire previous season. This practice not only ensures that no seat goes unoccupied but also addresses the high demand from non-member fans wishing to experience a match at the legendary stadium. The Athletic Club encourages members unable to attend games to continue this trend, offering two options for loaning their tickets: directly to another person or back to the club, which promises to return 50% of the net income from ticket sales at the end of the season.

With a few more home games left in the season, the club is poised to not only enhance its ticketing revenue but also to strengthen the bond between the team and its fans, ensuring that the roar of the crowd continues to be the team's greatest motivator on the field.

Source: Athletic Club


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