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Robert Lewandowski: The New Global Ambassador for OANDA!

Roger Hampel

Soccer superstar Robert Lewandowski has become the global ambassador for OANDA, an online investment platform. This collaboration coincides with the company's expansion into European markets and the integration of the Polish brokerage house OANDA TMS Brokers.

What Does OANDA Offer?

OANDA is renowned for its approach to intelligent investing. It provides clients with intuitive tools for trading in financial markets, advanced analytical features, and a high level of efficiency in order execution. According to Darren Moffett, the chief marketing officer at OANDA, the choice of Lewandowski as the brand ambassador is far from random. His professionalism, style of play, and global recognition align well with the company's vision.

Why Robert Lewandowski?

Robert Lewandowski symbolizes professionalism and trust—qualities that reflect OANDA's philosophy. His strategic and precise style of play correlates with the idea of "intelligent investing" that the company wishes to convey to its clients.

Strategy and Expansion

Marcin Niewiadomski, OANDA's Director for Europe, emphasizes that Lewandowski perfectly fits into the company's vision and strategic objectives. The soccer player's ambassadorship is expected to be a key element in the firm's expansion into European markets, including the Polish market.


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