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Real Madrid and Visit Dubai Announce Global Partnership.

Roger Hampel

Real Madrid and Visit Dubai Announce Global Partnership.
Real Madrid and Visit Dubai Announce Global Partnership.

October 2023 marked the inception of a spectacular global alliance as Real Madrid, the world's top football club, and Visit Dubai, a symbol of unrivaled luxury and tourism, unveiled their groundbreaking partnership. The collaboration, concretized at Real Madrid City by club president Florentino Pérez and Issam Kazim, CEO of Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DCTCM), proclaims Dubai as the football giant’s first official destination.

A Strategic Synergy Augmenting Global Presence

Embedding Dubai’s essence into the iconic Santiago Bernabéu stadium and creating unique experiences for fans and tourists alike, this partnership accentuates a mutual dedication towards excellence and innovation. Both institutions are revered in their respective fields and bring together a synergy that paves the way for new growth opportunities on a global stage. Tethered to the dynamic Dubai-D33 Economic Agenda, this alliance magnifies the shared commitment towards offering a superlative spectrum of experiences.

Emilio Butragueño, Real Madrid's Director of Institutional Relations, echoed the excitement, expressing the club’s pride in partnering with Visit Dubai and bringing a slice of the esteemed tourist destination to its widespread fanbase. Meanwhile, Issam Kazim articulated the enthusiasm from Dubai’s side, highlighting this collaboration as a convergence of shared visions and values with the “greatest club in the world.”

Real Madrid and Visit Dubai Announce Global Partnership.

Envisioning a Multifaceted Fan Experience

What does this mean for the avid Madridistas and Dubai aficionados? A cascade of specially curated experiences awaits, blending the thrill of football with the exuberance of Dubai’s attractions. This fusion ensures fans of both entities will relish services and experiences of impeccable quality and unforgeable memories, whether they are exploring the lavishness of Dubai or the pulsating energy of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.

Real Madrid Themed-Park: A New Jewel in Dubai’s Crown

Exemplifying this partnership's potential is the soon-to-be-realized Real Madrid Themed-Park at Dubai Parks and Resorts. This park, the first of its kind to theme around the esteemed football club, will not only enhance Dubai’s extensive array of destinations but will also serve as a new international stage where the worlds of premium sport and luxury tourism coalesce.

Envisage a world where the adrenaline of football melds with state-of-the-art tourist experiences: attractions symbolizing the club, a museum dedicated to its rich history, interactive football skill games, and a plethora of dining and shopping options featuring official Real Madrid products.

The Future Horizon: A Symbiosis of Excellence and Luxury

As the worlds of elite football and premium tourism intertwine, this strategic partnership aims to burgeon into a relationship that redefines the standards of global collaborations. It is not merely a convergence of two giants from their respective realms, but a symbiosis that strives to consolidate Dubai’s position amongst the globe's paramount cities while simultaneously enhancing Real Madrid’s international footprint.

With aspirations to reach new pinnacles of success and acclaim, Real Madrid and Visit Dubai are set to navigate through a journey that envisages a future where every accomplishment is a stepping stone to unprecedented heights, perpetually enriching the global fan and tourist experience.

In the end, the harmony of Real Madrid and Visit Dubai symbolizes more than a partnership; it signifies a vision where the pursuit of excellence knows no bounds.


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