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Puerto Rico’s Football Infrastructure Restored Thanks to FIFA Foundation Funding.

Roger Hampel

FIFA Puerto Rico
FIFA Puerto Rico

In the wake of Hurricane Fiona's devastation in September 2022, Puerto Rico's football community found itself facing an unprecedented challenge. The hurricane's ferocious winds and relentless rains left a trail of destruction across the island, significantly impacting its football infrastructure. It was a period marked by uncertainty and despair for many in the Puerto Rican Football Association (FPF) and the wider football community. However, amidst this chaos, a beacon of hope emerged through the support of the FIFA Foundation, highlighting a compelling story of resilience, solidarity, and the unifying power of football.

The FPF President, Iván Rivera Gutiérrez, recently penned an open letter expressing profound gratitude towards the FIFA Foundation for its instrumental role in rebuilding the football infrastructure in Puerto Rico. This gesture was not just a formal acknowledgment but a heartfelt appreciation for the crucial support extended during a dire time. The FIFA Foundation, through its Recovery Programme, provided essential funding for the repair and restoration of key football facilities damaged by Hurricane Fiona. This initiative underscored FIFA's commitment to supporting its member associations in the face of natural disasters and other unforeseen challenges.

Among the facilities benefiting from the FIFA Foundation's support were two of Puerto Rico's premier football venues: the Centro de Formación y Desarrollo del Técnico del Oeste in Añasco and the Estadio Centroamericano de Mayagüez. These sites are pivotal to the island's football landscape, hosting a majority of the national and domestic games. The funding facilitated essential repairs, including fencing, signage, goalposts, nets, and artificial-turf pitches, ensuring that these venues could continue to serve as bastions of the sport in the region.

The swift action of the FIFA Regional Development Office in Panama was crucial in this endeavor. Alerted to the urgent needs of the FPF, FIFA promptly released funds for the necessary repair work, exemplifying the organization's responsiveness and dedication to aiding its members in times of need.

The FIFA Foundation's efforts in Puerto Rico are a testament to the power of football as a force for good. The restoration of the football facilities not only revitalized the physical infrastructure but also rekindled the spirits of the Puerto Rican football community. It provided a sense of normalcy and continuity, enabling the sport to remain a source of joy, inspiration, and hope for many, especially the youth, who are the future of football in the island.

Moreover, the initiative has broader implications for football development in Puerto Rico. The FPF President emphasized the ongoing upward trajectory of the sport in the region, a trend that has been significantly supported by FIFA's initiatives. The recovery efforts have ensured that the development of football can continue unabated, based on the contributions of domestic stakeholders, committed leaders, and the invaluable support of FIFA.

Source: FIFA


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