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The 2023-2026 Business Strategy of the Polish Football Association.

Roger Hampel


The Polish Football Association, Polski Związek Piłki Nożnej (PZPN), in collaboration with Publicon Sport, its exclusive marketing partner, presents its business strategy for 2023-2026. The action plan is based on eleven pillars, with a significant emphasis on enhancing television and media presence marking a new direction for the federation.

  1. 1. Reimagination of Sponsorship and Partnership Relationships

PZPN’s business strategy includes a reimagination of its sponsorship and partnership relationships, establishing more effective communication with current partners, and creating opportunities for new partnerships. The federation has also expressed a keen interest in moving beyond traditional football spheres to engage with companies operating in technology sectors.

  1. 2. Enhancing Television and Media Presence

The Polish Football Association is poised to expand its television and media presence. Central to this strategy is a 30% expansion in television and media coverage. The federation is considering broadcasting lesser-known segments of Polish football such as junior football and grassroots initiatives. The emphasis will also be on strengthening relationships with social networking sites to cater to younger audiences who acquire information differently.

  1. 3. License Product Program

Recognizing the role of licensed products in promoting the federation, PZPN has ambitious plans to generate license fees. The federation is working towards introducing new joint products and enabling fans of all ages to experience Polish football more intimately.

  1. 4. Modernizing Ticket Sales and Hospitality

Ticket sales and hospitality form another crucial component of PZPN's strategy. The federation aims to offer premium concierge hospitality services, including unique ticket packages with added services. The focus is also on expanding and diversifying its hospitality offers for business clientele.

  1. 5. Digitization and Digital Activities

In the era of digitization, PZPN is planning to expand its media ecosystem with innovative digital applications. This includes the introduction of a mobile application integrating various services, from calendar synchronization to a loyalty program. The federation is also keen on embracing new digital phenomena such as NFTs and Web 3.0.

  1. 6. Embracing E-Commerce

PZPN has identified e-commerce as a key area for growth and intends to launch a comprehensive e-commerce and m-commerce platform. The platform will offer a wide array of products, ranging from sports accessories and fan gadgets to lifestyle products and player accessories.

  1. 7. eFootball and the Virtual Sphere

With the virtual sphere becoming increasingly relevant, PZPN plans to build a community around eFootball. This includes organizing gaming camps and creating new opportunities for virtual tournaments and campaigns.

  1. 8. CSR through a Business Platform

The federation is keen on using football as a platform for implementing business strategies in CSR. Potential initiatives include supporting children's football, amateur football, and football for individuals with disabilities.

  1. 9. Promoting Social Causes

PZPN intends to leverage its strong social position to address significant social issues. Planned campaigns will focus on topics like women's empowerment and climate change, carried out in collaboration with the federation's partners.

  1. 10. Intellectual Property Development

The Polish Football Association plans to expand its intellectual property, including historical exhibitions, media collaborations, and the development of the PZPN Library of Polish Football. This will serve to connect fans more deeply with the rich history of Polish football.

  1. 11. Evaluation and Measurement of Business Results

Lastly, the federation's strategy emphasizes the importance of evaluating and measuring business results to ensure effective partnerships. It plans to use advanced monitoring techniques to measure sponsorship impact and report on the intersection of business and sport.

In closing, the 2023-2026 business strategy of PZPN clearly indicates the federation's readiness to adapt, innovate, and grow. With a focus on new technology, digital transformation, and enhanced fan engagement, the future of Polish football looks promising indeed.


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