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NordVPN Joins Forces with Ipswich Town as the Official VPN Partner.

Roger Hampel

NordVPN Ipswich Town
NordVPN Ipswich Town

The Blues have recently announced an exciting new partnership with NordVPN, a leader in cyber security, marking a significant step in enhancing online safety for its global fanbase. As the club's newly minted Official VPN Partner, NordVPN is set to play a crucial role in safeguarding the online identities and activities of the club's supporters worldwide.

Protecting Fans in the Digital Arena

NordVPN specializes in securing online activities, particularly for users connecting to potentially unsecured networks like public Wi-Fi found in sports stadiums, hotels, and airports. With this partnership, fans of the Blues can now navigate the web with added security, whether they're streaming a match or checking the latest club news.

Educational Initiative for Supporters

A key aspect of this collaboration focuses on educating supporters about the dangers of unsecured networks. The club and NordVPN are committed to providing fans with essential information on how encrypted internet connections can protect privacy and enhance safety in the digital world.

Exclusive Offer for Fans

To celebrate the launch of this partnership, NordVPN is offering Ipswich Town fans a special deal of up to 69% off on a two-year plan, plus an additional three months free. This exclusive offer is a perfect opportunity for fans to start prioritizing their online security at a discounted rate.

A Step Forward in Digital Security

This partnership is more than just a sponsorship; it's a commitment to the digital well-being of the club's supporters. By teaming up with NordVPN, the Blues are not only extending their support to the field but also into the virtual spaces where fans connect and interact.


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