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Manchester United Teams Up with SCAYLE for Cutting-Edge E-Commerce Experience.

Roger Hampel

Manchester United SCAYLE
Manchester United SCAYLE

Manchester United has announced a strategic partnership with SCAYLE, an industry-leading e-commerce platform. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the club's online retail presence, ensuring that Manchester United stays at the forefront of modern commerce in the sports industry. The launch of this new e-commerce experience, slated for later this year, aligns with the club's ambition to provide a best-in-class direct-to-consumer experience to its global fanbase.

SCAYLE, renowned for being one of the fastest-growing enterprise e-commerce platforms globally, will be the technical backbone behind Manchester United's enhanced online store. The platform is celebrated for its robust performance in more than 140 online stores, particularly tailored for B2C interactions in fashion, lifestyle, and sports sectors. SCAYLE's unique retail DNA combines innovative technology with extensive, ready-to-use features and strong flexibility, making it an ideal partner for Manchester United's ambitions.

The appointment of SCAYLE marks a significant shift in Manchester United's approach to fan engagement and satisfaction. The new direct-to-consumer platform, powered by SCAYLE's commerce engine, promises a compelling and customized shopping experience. This platform is designed to adapt swiftly to the rapidly changing demands of the global fanbase, ensuring a seamless and satisfying user experience.

Phil Lynch, CEO of Direct to Consumer Products & Experiences at Manchester United, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "Manchester United is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our fans’ experience. We are delighted to be partnering with SCAYLE to further enhance our e-commerce offering, delivering an exceptional fan experience through personalization and a premium best-in-class commerce platform."

James Holroyd, Chief Commercial Development Officer at Manchester United, emphasized the strategic importance of this partnership with SCAYLE. He highlighted SCAYLE's deep-rooted expertise in e-commerce and their commitment to delivering an industry-leading experience as key factors in the decision to collaborate.

Tobias Ring, Managing Director of SCAYLE, reflected on the significance of gaining the trust of Manchester United, viewing it as a pivotal moment in SCAYLE's quest to become the top e-commerce platform for enterprise brands and retailers. He expressed excitement about partnering closely with the club and demonstrated SCAYLE's commitment to elevating customer experiences on such a global and historic stage. "We will give our all to co-creating an e-commerce presence that Manchester United fans are proud of and does justice to the club’s legacy of continuously redefining excellence, both on and off the pitch,” said Ring.


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