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Manchester City Forges New Partnership with Quidd to Revolutionize Digital Collectibles.

Roger Hampel

Manchester City Quidd
Manchester City Quidd

Manchester City, one of the premier names in global football business, has announced an exciting multi-year partnership with Quidd, a leader in the digital collectible platform sector. This collaboration marks a significant step in adapting the traditional hobby of collecting football cards and stickers into a dynamic, digital format, engaging fans in a modern and interactive way.

Transforming Traditional Collectibles into Digital Experiences

Through Quidd's innovative platform, Manchester City fans will now have the ability to collect and swap digital cards, introducing a contemporary twist to a long-standing football culture pastime. The digitalization of this tradition not only caters to the modern fan’s online-centric activities but also enhances their interaction with the club through an engaging, digital medium.

Exclusive Real-World Rewards for Fans

The partnership goes beyond digital collectibles, offering fans the chance to unlock a variety of real-world rewards. These include official Manchester City merchandise, hospitality tickets, and unique experiences like watching a first-team training session at the City Football Academy. Such initiatives deepen the fan's engagement with the club, providing tangible benefits linked to their digital collecting activities.

Special Edition Digital Collectibles Launch

To kick off this partnership, Quidd will release special edition digital collectibles that feature over 200 bespoke player cards. These collectibles will be available on the Quidd marketplace, a state-of-the-art platform known for the issue, sale, and exchange of limited-edition, officially licensed digital products. The launch is scheduled for 2pm on Thursday, May 2nd, offering the first 10,000 Cityzens two free packs and exclusive access to 'For The Fans' packs within the first 72 hours of release.

Leadership Commentary

Tom Boyle, Vice-President of Global Partnerships Marketing and Operations at City Football Group, expressed his enthusiasm about the new partnership: “We’re excited to help transform the traditional football pastime of cards and collectibles in a new digital age alongside Quidd, enabling us to further connect with our fans across the globe.”

Michael Bramlage, Chief Executive Officer at Quidd, also commented on the collaboration: “We’re delighted to be working with Manchester City, one of the very best clubs in the game. This partnership signals our intent to revolutionise the world of sport collectibles. With an ambition to be the best, most successful digital collectibles business, it makes complete sense for Quidd to align with Manchester City, the most forward-thinking and progressive football club on earth.”


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