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Manchester City and Roblox: A Strategic Partnership for Celebrating Premier League Success.

Roger Hampel

Manchester City Roblox
Manchester City Roblox

Manchester City is taking its end-of-season celebrations to the virtual world with an innovative event on Roblox, making it the first Premier League club to launch an official club experience on the popular gaming platform. This special event, titled "Blue Moon," offers fans a new way to engage with the club’s recent success and its rich history.

Virtual Hall of Fame and Exclusive Kit Launch

From now until June 17, 2024, fans can join the festivities in the "Blue Moon" experience on Roblox, which features a virtual Hall of Fame celebrating the remarkable achievements of Manchester City’s men’s and women’s teams. During the event, attendees will have the first opportunity to purchase the new 24/25 Manchester City home and goalkeeper kits. Additionally, a special screening of the PUMA kit launch campaign video will be part of the virtual experience, adding to the celebration.

Interactive and Collectible Features

The Roblox experience also includes several interactive elements designed to deepen fans' engagement. Participants can explore the Hall of Fame and collect four crowns hidden throughout the venue to earn an exclusive badge, demonstrating their dedication and skill. For those seeking a personal touch, there is an option to purchase a digital football and have it virtually signed by star players Erling Haaland, Julian Alvarez, and Bunny Shaw, creating a unique digital collectible.

Competitive and Social Activities

"Blue Moon" isn’t just about celebrating; it also offers plenty of action. Fans can team up with friends to compete in Moonball tournaments, a fun and competitive game within the Roblox platform. Winners of these tournaments can earn amazing rewards, adding a layer of competition to the celebratory atmosphere.

Emphasis on Safety and Community

Safety is a top priority for Manchester City and Roblox. The platform incorporates strict safety features, including comprehensive reviews of all uploads and robust chat filters to prevent inappropriate interactions. Moreover, Manchester City is committed to child safeguarding, providing additional safety reminders and resources within the "Blue Moon" experience to help users understand how to report misconduct.

Connecting Fans Globally

This event not only marks a historic achievement for Manchester City but also sets a precedent for fan engagement in the digital age. By leveraging Roblox, the club can connect with a global audience, particularly younger fans, in a dynamic and interactive setting. The virtual environment allows fans to experience the thrill of Manchester City’s success and interact with other supporters from around the world in a safe and moderated online space.

Source: Manchester City Media


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