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Major League Soccer Celebrates New Season with NASDAQ Opening Bell Ceremony.

Roger Hampel

Major League Soccer NASDAQ
Major League Soccer NASDAQ


On February 20, 2024, Major League Soccer (MLS) took center stage at the Nasdaq MarketSite in the vibrant heart of Times Square, New York, marking a ceremonious beginning to its 29th season. In a symbolic gesture that bridges the world of sports with the financial markets, Dan Courtemanche, MLS's Chief Communications Officer and Executive Vice President, had the honor of ringing the Nasdaq Opening Bell.

This event is not just a formal tradition; it represents the burgeoning momentum of soccer in North America. With the MLS Season kicking off on February 21, the league is entering an era of unprecedented growth and international spotlight. This season is notably the second for both the MLS Season Pass on Apple TV and the Leagues Cup, alongside other major international tournaments such as Copa America in 2024, the Concacaf Gold Cup, the FIFA Club World Cup in 2025, and the eagerly anticipated FIFA World Cup in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico in 2026.

The ringing of the Nasdaq Opening Bell by MLS is a testament to soccer's rising prominence in the North American sports landscape. It symbolizes the league's robust health and its ambitious vision for the future, especially as it prepares to play a significant role in the upcoming global soccer festivities.

A New Era for MLS and Soccer Fans Worldwide Major League Soccer NASDAQ

The 2024 season of MLS promises to be more accessible and engaging for fans worldwide, with the MLS Season Pass available in over 100 countries on billions of devices. Through the Apple TV app on various platforms including Apple devices, smart TVs, streaming devices, game consoles, and on the web, fans can immerse themselves in the excitement of soccer, experiencing every goal, save, and victory march of their favorite teams.

The strategic partnership with Apple TV for the MLS Season Pass underscores MLS's commitment to leveraging technology to enhance fan engagement and expand its global footprint. It reflects a forward-thinking approach to sports broadcasting, offering fans a seamless and integrated viewing experience.

Kicking Off with Excitement

The 29th season of MLS is set to commence with an electrifying match as Inter Miami CF faces off against Real Salt Lake on February 21. This opener is a precursor to a season filled with promise, competition, and the shared passion of soccer fans around the globe. The event at the Nasdaq MarketSite was not just a celebration of the new season but a signal to the world that North America is now a central hub for soccer excellence, innovation, and excitement.


As Major League Soccer continues to grow and captivate audiences worldwide, its opening bell ceremony at Nasdaq is a powerful symbol of the sport's bright future in North America. With a slate of significant international tournaments on the horizon and the MLS Season Pass making games more accessible than ever, soccer fans have much to look forward to. The 2024 season is set to be a landmark year for MLS, as it showcases the best of North American soccer to the world.

Source: NASDAQ


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