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Louis van Gaal Appointed as Advisor to Ajax's Supervisory Board.

Roger Hampel

Louis van Gaal Appointed as Advisor to Ajax's Supervisory Board.
Louis van Gaal Appointed as Advisor to Ajax's Supervisory Board.

In a decisive move that marks a new chapter in the illustrious history of AFC Ajax, the football club has appointed Louis van Gaal, one of the most successful football managers in history, as an advisor to its Supervisory Board. With the departure of Jan van Halst from the board, LVG's inclusion comes at a pivotal moment, ensuring that his rich experience and extensive football technical knowledge will guide Ajax’s future endeavors.

A Wealth of Experience Coming to Ajax

Louis van Gaal, or LVG as he is popularly known, brings a wealth of experience to Ajax, having managed top clubs such as FC Barcelona, Bayern München, and Manchester United, while also enjoying three fruitful terms as the coach of the Dutch national team. With over twenty national and international prizes, including a UEFA Champions League victory with Ajax in 1995, LVG’s return to Ajax promises a potent blend of nostalgia and future-gazing optimism.

Aligning Visions for Future Success

Louis expressed his eagerness to contribute to Ajax, stating, "I want to help Ajax. We must find our sportive way back up to the top, and we all have to contribute to that." Although spending a significant part of his life in Portugal, LVG assures that this will harmonize well with his role as an external advisor. His commitment is not only to offer his football acumen to the Supervisory Board but also to be instrumental in Ajax’s journey back to its pinnacle, especially under the potential leadership of Leo van Wijk and Michael van Praag.

Strengthening the Supervisory Board

Van Gaal steps into a role vacated by Jan van Halst and joins Cees van Oevelen, Georgette Schlick, and Annette Mosman on the Supervisory Board. His appointment coincides with a critical juncture at the Annual Meeting of Shareholders, slated for November 17, where decisions regarding further appointments, including Michael van Praag and Leo van Wijk, will be undertaken. If affirmed, Van Praag is also set to become the Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Injecting Expertise in Technical Matters

LVG's role in advising the Supervisory Board on football technical matters is pivotal. With his extensive managerial career and technical know-how, he is uniquely positioned to provide insights that align with Ajax's footballing philosophy and its aspiration for future achievements. The expectation is that LVG’s counsel will shape the club’s strategic decisions, particularly in technical areas, ensuring a sustainable model for sporting success.

Championing a Legacy and Future Prosperity

A significant aspect of van Gaal’s return to Ajax is the perpetuation of a legacy while fostering future prosperity. Louis van Gaal, born in Amsterdam on August 8, 1951, has previously worked at Ajax as Director of Football and shares a rich history with the club. His understanding of the club’s ethos, combined with a proven track record in achieving footballing excellence, positions him as a key figure in Ajax’s drive towards regaining and surpassing former glories.

With Louis van Gaal's appointment, Ajax signifies its steadfast commitment to technical excellence and sporting success. By combining seasoned expertise with an in-depth understanding of the club’s heritage and philosophy, Ajax is not only paying homage to its victorious past but also strategically positioning itself for future triumphs. As fans eagerly anticipate the unfolding of this new chapter, LVG’s involvement stands as a testament to Ajax’s dedication to sustaining and building upon its esteemed standing in the footballing world.

Louis van Gaal Appointed as Advisor to Ajax's Supervisory Board.


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