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Liga F Women's Players End Strike Following Agreement on Minimum Wage Increases.

Roger Hampel

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In a pivotal turn of events, Liga F, Spain's top-tier women's football league, has reached an agreement over a long-disputed minimum wage hike, ending a strike that had disrupted the beginning of the season. The resolution marks an important milestone in the fight for fair pay in women's sports and sets a precedent for other leagues worldwide.

Background of the Dispute

Players had boycotted the first round of Liga F fixtures last weekend, leading to postponements across the league. Reigning Liga F champions Barcelona, who also clinched the Champions League title this past June, were among the teams affected by the strike. The dispute primarily revolved around the players' demands for a substantial minimum wage increase, which the league initially claimed would result in economic failure.

Terms of the Agreement

After a year of negotiations that began when Liga F turned professional, both the league and player unions have finally reached a consensus. The agreement will raise the existing minimum wage from 16,000 euros (£13,700) to 21,000 euros (£18,000) per year. Furthermore, another increase is slated for the 2025-26 season, which will see the minimum wage rise to 23,500 euros (£20,200).

Players Show Responsibility

While the players' initial demand of a 25,000-euro minimum wage for the 2023-24 season, eventually rising to 30,000 euros, was not met, unions representing them hailed the compromise as an "exercise of responsibility towards the fans and the sport." The statement from the five unions involved underlined the players' commitment to their audience and the future of women's football.

Future Implications

The settlement of the minimum wage dispute could well set a standard for other women's sports leagues globally, marking an era of increased awareness and action regarding pay equity in sports. With an agreement in place, Liga F is all set to resume its fixtures this Friday, but the ramifications of this settlement could ripple far beyond Spain's borders.

In summary, the end of the Liga F strike signifies more than just a resolution between the players and the league. It marks a significant step towards equitable compensation in women's sports, highlighting the increasing importance of this issue on a global scale.

Based on source: BBC Sport | Liga F players call off strike after agreement on minimum wage | 14.09.2023


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