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Lega Serie A Announces a New Editorial Collaboration with TikTok.

Roger Hampel

Serie A TikTok
Serie A TikTok

In an exciting development for football enthusiasts and digital content consumers alike, Lega Serie A has embarked on a groundbreaking editorial collaboration with TikTok. This partnership, commencing from January 12, is set to revolutionize how fans interact with Italian football's top division.

By simply searching "serie a" on TikTok, users can now delve into a world dedicated exclusively to Serie A. This dedicated page not only provides updated results but also offers a treasure trove of content from the @seriea profile, football teams, players, and official broadcasters.

What makes this collaboration stand out is the commitment to providing exclusive content. The @seriea profile is being enhanced with original video formats that feature, among others, the stars of Primavera 1 teams. A key objective is to showcase young talents, giving fans and newcomers alike a closer look at the upcoming stars of Italian football.

TikTok, known as the home of entertainment, aligns perfectly with football’s ability to unite and entertain a broad and diverse audience. This partnership will bring fans closer to the action, not just on the pitch but also behind the scenes of Serie A’s most significant sporting events. It's an invitation to join Italy's largest football family, offering an inside look at what makes Serie A one of the most exciting leagues in the world.

This collaboration represents more than just a fusion of football and social media; it signifies Lega Serie A's commitment to enhancing its digital strategy. By diversifying its approach and leveraging TikTok's dynamic platform, Serie A is set to reach new audiences and engage with fans in innovative ways. This move is a testament to Serie A's forward-thinking approach, ensuring that the league stays at the forefront of digital fan engagement in the ever-evolving world of sports and entertainment.

As Serie A continues to adapt to the digital era, this collaboration with TikTok is a clear indicator of the league's dedication to enhancing the fan experience. With this partnership, Serie A is not just scoring goals on the field, but also in the digital arena, setting a precedent for how sports leagues can creatively engage with a global audience in the digital age.


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