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LALIGA and the K LEAGUE extend their partnership until 2026.

Roger Hampel

LALIGA and the K LEAGUE extend their partnership until 2026.
LALIGA and the K LEAGUE extend their partnership until 2026.

In a move that highlights a growing relationship between two of the world's prominent football leagues, LaLiga and the K League have announced the extension of their partnership until 2026. This extended collaboration is set to bring about a new era in football, emphasizing comprehensive development in various key areas.

Broadening Fields of Exchange

The renewed agreement, effective from January 1, 2024, extends beyond the existing framework, encompassing almost all facets related to top-level competition development. This includes training for players and coaches, advice on audiovisual production, economic control, and implementation sessions.

Innovative Areas of Collaboration

The partnership will now delve into areas such as eSports, matchday preparation, academic training, women’s football, and combating racism and other forms of discrimination. This expansion reflects a commitment to address modern challenges and opportunities within the sport.

Shared Knowledge and Development

Oscar Mayo, LaLiga’s executive director, highlights the mutual benefits derived from the continuous exchange of knowledge and shared experiences. The collaboration has already seen significant joint development, and the extension promises further growth for both competitions.

Clubs as Primary Beneficiaries

Clubs from both leagues have already reaped benefits from this partnership. Training camps in Spain involving youth teams from prominent K League clubs and Spanish grassroots teams are a testament to this. Moreover, K League club executives have gained insights from visits to top Spanish clubs, leading to an increased focus on club internal structure and professional development.

Upcoming Collaborative Initiatives

Before the year ends, further collaborative sessions are scheduled, including a visit by South Korean television executives to explore technological innovations in LaLiga broadcasts and a training session for K League coaches by LaLiga and club technicians.

Future Outlook

Yeon Sang Cho, General Secretary of K League, expressed enthusiasm about the extended MOU, noting the considerable progress made in various fields. The strengthened cooperative relationship is expected to elevate both leagues' status in world football and achieve key goals.


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