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LaLiga and T3N Sport & Investment Group Forge Global Expansion with Multifaceted Sports Complexes.

Roger Hampel


In a landmark deal, LaLiga and T3N Sport & Investment Group have joined forces to roll out sports-residential and educational complexes globally. These state-of-the-art centers will primarily be situated in key markets like the United States, Mexico, Japan, and the Middle East.

The duo aims to invest approximately 300 million euros over the next five years in this ambitious project, which comes on the heels of their successful ESC LaLiga&NBA Complex. These international complexes will serve as the home for various LaLiga Academy programs. They are intended to be not just sports centers but educational hubs as well, featuring LaLiga Business School's academic offerings. This aligns with LaLiga and T3N's mission to promote social inclusion through sports and education.

"The new agreement fortifies LaLiga Academy's global presence and cements our role as pioneers in grassroots football development," said Óscar Mayo, CEO of LaLiga. David Pampliega, Co-CEO of T3N, added that the partnership allows them to materialize their "ambitious project worldwide with the largest sports property in the world."

The plan to expand has been in the works for several months and aims to foster global talent, inclusivity, and equal access to sports. It is modeled after the ESC LaLiga&NBA complex in Madrid, which has set a global standard for grassroots sports infrastructure, with facilities that can accommodate hundreds of athletes and students.

In summary, this initiative symbolizes a significant investment in the future of sports and education, advocating for universal access and social value.

Source: LaLiga


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