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Juventus Partners with OpTic Gaming, US-based Gaming and Lifestyle Brand.

Roger Hampel

Juventus OpTic Gaming
Juventus OpTic Gaming

Juventus has officially partnered with OpTic Gaming, the renowned US-based gaming and lifestyle brand. This collaboration marks a significant step towards blending the worlds of football and gaming, leveraging the massive, passionate fanbases that both entities command.

A Cultural Intersection of Football and Gaming

The partnership between Juventus, a titan of international football, and OpTic Gaming, a giant in the esports landscape, highlights the evolving cultural intersection of these two spheres. With OpTic Gaming's impressive track record, including over 50 Championships and being named the Esports Organization of the Year at the Esports Awards in 2022, the collaboration is poised to create a vibrant synergy that appeals to fans across the globe.

Bridging Two Worlds with Innovative Content

The collaboration aims to foster a deeper connection between fans of football and esports through a variety of engaging initiatives. Fans can anticipate the launch of limited edition co-branded merchandise and innovative video content featuring players and influencers from both Juventus and OpTic Gaming. These initiatives are designed to celebrate the partnership and bring fans closer to the action, whether they're in the stadium or behind the screen.

Live Events and Exclusive Access to Unite Fans

The partnership kicks off with a series of live events and exclusive behind-the-scenes access, featuring prominent creators from the OpTic network. Icons such as Seth "Scump" Abner and OpTic CEO Hector "H3CZ" Rodriguez will explore the Juventus world, from the Allianz Stadium to the Juventus Training Center, providing fans with unique content and experiences that highlight the collaboration's potential to innovate and entertain.

A Mutual Vision for Innovation and Community Engagement

Mike Armstrong, Juventus Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, emphasized the natural synergy between football and gaming as a cultural nexus. The partnership with OpTic Gaming, known for its pioneering spirit and competitive excellence, represents a unique opportunity to innovate and enhance the fan experience for both communities.

Hector Rodriguez, CEO of OpTic Gaming, echoed this sentiment, noting the shared values of competition and community engagement that underpin both organizations. The partnership is not only a union of two fanbases but also a strategic move to elevate Juventus's global presence and solidify OpTic's position as a global esports entity.

Source: Juve Media


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