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JaffaKauftDeinAuto Joins SV Werder Bremen as New Regional Partner.

Roger Hampel


In a recent announcement that is set to redefine local business-sports collaboration, "jaffakauftdeinauto," a leading used-car dealership based in Bremen, has teamed up with SV Werder Bremen as a new regional partner. This partnership not only adds value to the SV Werder Bremen experience but also aims to significantly amplify the local and national visibility of "jaffakauftdeinauto."

A Partnership Born from Mutual Benefit

Christian Rauhut, who heads Club-to-Partner relations at SV Werder Bremen, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, "We have been working with 'jaffakauftdeinauto' since the beginning of this year. We're thrilled to expand this cooperation into a regional partnership, with the aim of providing a strong platform to enhance the company's brand recognition."

The partnership will be highly visible, featuring "jaffakauftdeinauto" on the TV regional band at the wohninvest WESERSTADION, and even offering the company a private box on the South Stand.

Bringing Value to the Local Community

Jafer Dagher, the CEO of "jaffakauftdeinauto," acknowledges the immense potential this collaboration brings for community outreach. "We’re dedicated to offering people in Bremen a hassle-free way to sell their used cars. The partnership with Werder Bremen provides us a valuable opportunity to reach an even broader local audience," says Dagher.

About JaffaKauftDeinAuto

Established in 2005, "jaffakauftdeinauto" has been purchasing used cars across Germany with the aim of simplifying the car-selling experience for its customers. Their comprehensive services include creating purchase agreements, vehicle pickup, and de-registration, all facilitated through their digital platform, Additionally, they offer a range of automotive services, including workshop services, spare parts, and accessories.

The Bigger Picture

The partnership between "jaffakauftdeinauto" and SV Werder Bremen showcases the importance of local businesses collaborating with sports clubs to create mutual value. For "jaffakauftdeinauto," this is an excellent channel to build brand awareness and credibility. For SV Werder Bremen, it's a chance to further engage with their community while offering added value to their partners.


The synergistic partnership between "jaffakauftdeinauto" and SV Werder Bremen is a fantastic case study in the power of local collaborations. With its roots in community service and local outreach, this partnership is poised to set new benchmarks for business-sports collaborations, demonstrating that when local enterprises and sports organizations come together, the possibilities are not just promising but also incredibly rewarding for the community they serve.


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