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Iker Casillas answered our question!

Roger Hampel

Source of the picture: Kanal Sportowy

Football Business Journal was cited yesterday on Kanal Sportowy (the biggest Sports YouTube channel in Central and Eastern Europe) during a live interview with the football legend - Iker Casillas!

We asked Iker Casillas about his involvement in business ventures, including his roles as a brand ambassador for multiple companies, as well as being an entrepreneur and investor in various projects, such as SportBoost, IDOVEN, and Kognia Sports Intelligence. Following the end of his playing career, the renowned goalkeeper who played for Spain, Real Madrid, and FC Porto, has become highly engaged in business ventures, and he is also very active on LinkedIn. It's worth noting that Casillas is presently in Warsaw, Poland serving as an ambassador for the Polish brand XTB.

We would like to say a big thank you to Michal Pol who asked our question live on TV to Iker Casillas and quoted the Football Business Journal.

Our question to Iker Casillas:

Iker, how do you find yourself in business, as an ambassador of various companies, as well as in being an entrepreneur and investor in various projects, such as SportBoost, IDOVEN or Kognia Sports Intelligence?

Iker Casillas (for 'Kanal Sportowy' during Live-Interview with Michal Pol): "I believe it's important to plan your life after your professional football career. In light of the pandemic and the uncertainty it brought, I've been seeking out good ideas for this next phase. I've had a lot of time to reflect and think about technology, startups, and investments, particularly those related to sports such as SportBoost, Kognia Sports Intelligence, Idoven, and FlyFut. Kognia focuses on tactical analysis while Idoven focuses more on cardiology. I'm interested in companies that combine artificial intelligence technology and sports. We're committed to supporting entrepreneurs looking to take their ventures to the next level by investing in assets like these. It's also an opportunity to make the most of the time we spent at home during lockdowns. I find it exciting to watch startups grow and make a difference in people's lives."

Then, Michał Pol asked Iker for investment advice regarding the current inflation and the war in Ukraine, as well as his thoughts on cryptocurrencies. Iker advised that investing requires caution and expertise, and it's important to understand your investment profile before making any decisions. Due to the inherent risks involved, it's advisable to seek the help of experts rather than investing alone. Regarding cryptocurrencies, Iker personally chooses not to invest in them as he is not convinced and does not fully comprehend them. As a general rule, he prefers to avoid investments he doesn't fully comprehend.


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