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Hibernian FC Welcomes Investment from Black Knight Football Club.

Roger Hampel

Hibernian FC Black Knight
Hibernian FC Black Knight

Hibernian FC has officially announced a significant minority investment from Black Knight Football Club (BKFC), marking a pioneering partnership that was ratified during the club's 2024 Annual General Meeting. This strategic alliance not only signifies the first of its kind in Scotland but also positions Hibernian FC for an ambitious leap forward in both its infrastructure development and sporting performance.

A Strategic Milestone Approved

The approval by Hibernian FC's AGM, following certain commitments agreed with the Scottish FA, has led to BKFC acquiring a 25% share in the club. This investment is accompanied by a seven-figure sum aimed at enhancing the club's facilities at Easter Road and the Hibernian Training Centre, as well as bolstering the First Team budget to improve on-field success.

Expanding the BKFC Network Hibernian FC Black Knight

Hibernian FC's inclusion in the BKFC network establishes connections with premier sports entities, including AFC Bournemouth in the English Premier League, FC Lorient of French Ligue 1, and Auckland in the A-League, among others. This network promises to foster synergies and shared successes across the clubs involved.

A United Vision for Success

The partnership has been met with enthusiasm from all parties involved, including Hibernian FC's majority shareholders, the Gordon Family of Bydand Sports LLC, who retain full control over the club's operations. Bill Foley, representing BKFC, has expressed excitement over joining forces with the Gordon Family and other shareholders to drive Hibernian FC to new heights of achievement.

Shared Values and Long-Term Ambitions

This collaboration stems from a shared commitment to excellence and a mutual recognition of values between BKFC and Hibernian FC. The Gordon Family views this partnership as a fulfillment of Ron Gordon's vision to secure a minority partner that aligns with the club's long-term aspirations for success and sustainability.

Transformative Impact on Scottish Football

Hibernian FC's Chief Executive, Ben Kensell, heralded the deal as not only groundbreaking for Scottish football but also a game-changer for the club itself. Months of dialogue and alignment on ambitions have solidified BKFC as the ideal partner for Hibernian FC, with the Scottish FA playing a crucial role in facilitating this landmark agreement.

The Dawn of an Exciting Era

As Hibernian FC embarks on this new chapter, the club looks ahead to a future bright with promise and potential. This strategic partnership with Black Knight Football Club is poised to elevate Hibernian FC's standing both domestically and on the international stage, heralding an era of growth and success for the club and its fans.

Source: Hibernian FC


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