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Gianni Infantino was Re-elected as FIFA President!

Gianni Infantino, the current FIFA president, was re-elected during the 73rd Congress held in Kigali on Thursday.


During his acceptance speech, Infantino promised to generate record revenues of $11 billion in the next four-year cycle, primarily through expanded men's and women's World Cup tournaments and the introduction of a 32-team Club World Cup. He stated that FIFA's income reached record levels in the last cycle from 2019 to 2022, despite the pandemic's impact on football globally. "Revenues rose to a record $7.5 billion (to 2022) in a period that was hit by COVID-19. When I arrived, FIFA reserves stood at around $1 billion, today they are at almost $4 billion," Infantino said.

Infantino also addressed some of the concerns raised by member associations regarding the transfer system. He proposed reviewing the system to enhance transparency and perhaps introducing a salary cap. "We must improve our regulations and the FIFA statutes. We will continue to evolve our good governance principles and look at the transfer system, and maybe have a discussion to improve transparency of transfer fees and salaries. It might be necessary to introduce a cap; we have to think about how we can do that. We will look at it with all stakeholders and see what we can do," Infantino said.

Despite his detractors, Infantino expressed gratitude for the opportunity to continue serving FIFA and football globally, saying, "It is an incredible honour and privilege, and a great responsibility. I promise to continue serving FIFA and football around the world. To those that love me, and I know there are many, and those who hate me...I love you all."

In conclusion, Infantino's re-election as FIFA president and his promise to generate record revenues in the next four-year cycle reflect the global popularity and growth of football. However, his proposals for the transfer system and potential salary cap may require further discussion and consideration among stakeholders in the football community.

Source: Reuters


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